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Relationship between Stanley Handal and Clifford Brandt

On 23rd August, 2005, businessman Stanley Handal was arrested along with 3 defendants because of an open investigation that was initiated on account of disappearance of Nathael Aleus Geneus. Nathael was an UNIBANK employee. In 2008 Handal was cleared by Jean Perez Paul, the investigating judge. Jean Perez Paul issued a dismissal order to clear Handal. In November 2012, National Network of Defense of Human Rights (RNDDH) issued a report in which it was claimed that the clearance was illegal and that Stanley Handal is a leader of Clifford Brandt's thieves association.

Countering this, Frizto Canton who is the lawyer of Stanley Handal, issued a denial statement stating that there was no relationship whatsoever between Stanley Handal and Clifford Brandt as has been claimed by press. Canton said that two men are by no means partners or friends and that his client, Mr. Handal is all set to repair the damage caused to his honor, even if that means a fight to death. Canton clearly said that the dignity of his client has been soiled by the unfair reports.

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