Should there be a State National Funeral for Jean Claude Duvalier?

One of the attorney for the former Haitian Dictator, Me Reynold Georges, stated that the National funeral for Jean Claude Duvalier are in the planning stage at this time. However, the government of Martelly-Lamothe has not made public their decision at this time.


National funeral, just like it was done recently for former President Leslie Manigat, is natural. However, Former President Jean Claude Duvalier is in a case by itself. He has many enemies who would tell you he should have have a National funeral.

What do yo think?

Kreyol Pale, Kreyol Kompran

Eske nou panse ke dwe jin yon Funeray National pou Jean Claude Duvalier?

Eske nou panse li merte sa?

Gin anpil moun ki di ke pou krim nom sa komet, li pa ta dwe gin yon fineray nasyonal. Nou soje koman yo te lae dechouke Papa Doc Francois Duvalier, minm nan tomb li lè ke Jean Claude ale an exil?

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Neg Miserne says...

No, the true sons of Haiti are not dead. We are alive and stronger and will return in force with our flag. May God bless J. J. Dessalines and Francois

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Shime Leroy says...

yes he was president for 14 years and the world wasalute him like a president event the guiness book say its was the yougest president in the

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Lyzie says...

Yes should
But Aristide:hell

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Psanon says...

Duvalier should have a state funeral, simply to mark and finalize his place in Haitian history, not to symbolize agreement with his regime or the governance of that era. Like it or not agree or disagree, he is part of Haitian

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Serge says...

It's a matter of principle, Jean Claude Duvalier, as a former president of Haiti, is entitled to a national funerals regardless of the accusations against

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Nellystarone says...

The majority of the people are illiterate and one step away from starvation, the plan for Haiti is to make it the new Hong Kong, exploit the poor, force them off their land and have them slave in sweat shops.

This man sold his country to the highest bidder, exploited the people the land and it's resources.

He was a despot a killer, a sellout, worked witch craft, theft, and an idiot.

Till we get rid of his supporters Haiti will continue to suffer and look like the cesspool of suffering for the majority of its citizens.

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Neg Miserne says...

Yes, our baby doc should have a National

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Yasinth Bravo says...

Jean Claude has to love Haiti, despite all the wrong he has done to Haiti and all the Haitians.

No other countries in the world wanted him in their country.

He was considered a Dictator, a criminal, an undesirable for the world.

The only people who couldn't see that are those just like him who have the blood of the Haitians in their hands.

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Manou says...

He should, despite his political career after all he was our president.

Rest in

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Nestor Mateo says...

He was a former president of the country, and as so, he deserves a National Funeral.

As far as he been a gilty of any sort of wrong doing in the past, I believe he had already paid for that. When he decided to return to the country, he knew he was already closed to death, but he wanted to die in the country he loved the most...his

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