So far 53 Heads of State will be at Nelson Mandela Funeral

This is an event that will likely not repeat itself in our life time. The death on Thursday of Nelson mandela has generated "unprecedented interest" in the world.


Mon Chè gin yon bagay ki di fè pou yo pale de rou.

According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Africa, Fifty three head of states have confirmed that they will go to the funeral. Here is a few names in that list:
Nicolas Sarkozy
François Hollande
Barack Obama
Dilma Rousseff
David Cameron
Ban Ki-moon
Jimmy Carter
George W. Bush
Bill Clinton,
Prince Charles
Kofi Annan,

Kote yo prale mete tout moun sa yo? Ki moun kape garanti sekirite tout moun sa yo? Ki Lotel ki pral recevwa tout moun sa yo?

Do you think there were major leaders who made their mark in this world at the level of Nelson Mandela? Let me trigger your memory! Did you think Hugo Chávez was that kind of leaders? We have someone close to our border: Fidel Castro, is he one of these leaders

Ou panse gin moun tankou Nelson Mandela kap viv nan mond sa toujou? Ki kote ou tape mete Hugo Chavez? Et Fidel Castro? Et yon moun tankou Jean Bertrand Aristide, "Titid"?

I wonder how many people will attend my funeral when I die, at least, how many head of state!

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