After Life Beliefts for Islam

If the Islamic belief on life after death is true, then one must be cautious of his actions here on Earth.


One must be cautious of his actions here on Earth because Muslims believe that a deceased person's afterlife heavily depends on the deeds he has done while he was still alive.

According to Islam, every departed is put in like a soul sleep until the Judgment Day comes. During this important day, God will judge both the living and the dead based on the things they have accomplished on Earth. Those who have done good things will then be sent to Heaven, which is described as a paradise where suffering does not exist. Wicked ones, on the other hand, will go to Hell and burn in fire as a punishment for their sins. They can, however, be forgiven by God in His own will and time.

Some Muslims also believe that Non-Muslims can enter Paradise but only after being purified in purgatory. Before the Resurrection or the Judgment Day, good people are believed to be seeing God in their visions after they die, while those with a lot of sins experience flashes of Hell.

During the Judgment Day, Muslims believe that all the departed will be awakened and tasked to cross a narrow bridge located over Hell. Those who have done a lot of good deeds in their lives tend to have easier way crossing the bridge, which one has to cross to get to Paradise. Bad deeds, on the other hand, usually weigh down the sinners, making them fall into Hell.

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