Haitian President Tiresias Simon Sam

Tiresias Simon Sam was born on May 15, 1835, in Grande-Riviere-du-Nord. Tiresias was born with leadership skills and had a lot of passion for his country. Before being a president he served as a general and then a minister of war under Florvil Hyppolite. He was chosen as the acting president after the death of Hyppolite and he was elected as the president of Haiti on March 31, 1896.


Tiresias valued education and always choose educated people in his government. He was determined to make Haiti a better place and for sure Haiti developed greatly during his era. He increased jobs opportunities, improved transport, contracted U.S to build street car in Port -au-Prince and built a railway line to connect Cap Haitian to Grand Riviere du Nord and Port -au-Prince to Cul-de-Sac. Tiresias also built a civil court in Cap-Haitian and updated the school of science, Engineering and architecture.

Despite his wish to develop and make Haiti a good place he was faced with many challenges such as high interest rates, foreign investors, Syrian immigration and a young mulatto who didn't value his effort to improve Haiti.

Worst of all was the threat from Captain Thiele of war from the German army if his government refused to get into contract with them. Tiresias fell into the trap which made Haitians hate him. Haitians insisted that he should not sign the agreement but he had no choice because of the situation. This forced him to resign from presidency on May 12, 1902.

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