Grande-Riviere-Du-Nord, A Location In Haiti

Grande-Rivière-du-Nord is located in Haiti's Nord Department. In the Grande-Rivière-du-Nord Arrondissement it is a municipality. It is located to the north of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti at a distance of 120 kilometers. It is situated at an elevation of 92 meters above the level of the sea.


The Fast Flowing La Grande Riviere Du Nord River

On the Cormiers plantation in 1758, Jean-Jackques Dessalines was born here. In the geographical coordinates, latitude 72° 11' 0" West of the Greenwich meridian and latitude 19° 35' 0" North of the equator, is located La Grande Riviere du Nord a river in Haiti. It flows relatively fast.

The river has its origins in the ridges known as the chain of Grande Riviere du Nord in the Massif du Nord ranges. Through Grande-Riviere-du-Nord town, the river makes its course which is a permanently wide channel that brims with water in considerable depth. Through Northern Haiti's deep valleys, this river meanders and overlooks a number of steep ranges. Waters of this river terminate in the large Atlantic Ocean.


Subsistence farming and fishing on a small scale are the main occupations of the inhabitants of La Grande Riviere du Nord. For fulfilling the homestead needs, waters of this river are well used.

Tropical storms keep hitting La Grande Riviere du Nord thus causing flooding on an extensive scale and in turn hurricanes. The river breaks its banks due to extensive flooding.


Transport in the region gets badly hampered due to this. Roads get washed away when hit by the tropical storms. Many times the roads also get submerged under the water due to flooding and storms.

It takes around one hour to reach a nearest town by local transport. Grande-Rivière-du-Nord. It is prone to natural hazards like drought and mainly cyclone, floods, and earthquakes.


The warmest month is August with 31.6 degree C and the coldest is January with 17.3 degree C average temperature. Most of the sunshine is seen in February. Around May, precipitation and rainfall are experienced. The driest month is January. All through the year the temperature is constant.

It is also known as Ville de Grande Rivière du Nord, Sainte Rose, Grand Riviere, Ville de Grande Riviere du Nord and Grande Riviere. In the Nord region, it is considered a well populated place. Children are underweight due to high poverty levels in this region.

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