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A $250 million claim to MINUSTAH on behalf of Haitian cholera victims

Forgiveness does not cure illness. At least this is what a group of Haitians believes when it comes to holding UN Peacekeeping force MINUSTAH accountable. The Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH) submitted so far a total of 5,000 claims to the to U.N. for damages totaling at least $250m on behalf of Haitian cholera victims.

Hey MINUSTAH, Padon Pa geri maleng tande!

This organization believes that if it can happen in other countries, why not in Haiti

This is serious business. If the Boston-based advocacy group, Institute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti (IJDH), ever collect this money that would help these Haitian families and their communities quite a lot. I am looking at more investmentment in prevention, and overall quality of the healthcare in those remote areas of Haiti.

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Dominicans want all Haitians out of the country, fearing cholera contamination

Rejection of Haitian

It was reported that a group of residents in the Municipality of El Penon in the Dominican Republic has mounted street protest against Haitians living in the region due to the cholera outbreak in the neighboring country of Haiti.
Last Saturday, Dominican protestors burned tires on the streets and prevented normal day to day activities in the municipality of Penon by blocking streets, throwing rocks and bottles, demanding that all Haitians leave El Penon.

The fear by the Dominicans came as a result of a Haitian who was diagnosed with the cholera epidemic in the country. Wilma Louwes who is Haitian was treated for cholera in a hospital in the Dominican Republic and released in good health. However, according to, "He was denied access to the apartment he rented with his girlfriend for 3 years, apartment located at 46, Julia Pena street in San Martín sector of Higuey. "

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Prevention for cholera in Haiti

Cases of Cholera have been detected in the North and the South of Haiti. The population is questioning the efforts made by the Haitian government to control the spread of the disease.

The people who sell food in the streets have been told to have water available for the clients so that they could wash their hands properly before eating. They also have been told to make arrangements so that people could use the bathroom

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All Haitian Passengers are to be screened for cholera

All Haitiana entering Jamaica are to be screened for cholera

This is breaking news. All persons from Haiti are to be screened before being allowed to enter the country.

The Director of Emergency Management and Special Services in the Health Ministry stated that All persons entering the country by airports or by seaports from Haiti are to face quarantine before allowed into the country. This is what was reported today by Jamaicaobservator.Com

Jamaica is so far the first country to require Haitians or people arriving from Haiti to undergo a screening before allowed into Jamaica.

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Cholera outbreak an excuse not to hold Haiti Election

Haiti Presidential Election Ballot

Is the Haitian government trying to use the Cholera outbreak not to hold election in November? I do not know about you, but I actually do not see a clear leader now in the Haiti election. I can safely say at this time that anyone of the four leading candidates could win in November, and that includes either Michel Martelly, Mirlande Manigat, Jude Celestin, or Charles Henri Baker.

For a presidential election in Haiti that is appearing to be more and more out of control, I think this is a great opportunity to buy time and look further into the future to see what's ahead. Last Saturday Haitian President Rene Preval voiced his concern about the upcoming November 28 Haiti election, worrying about potential contagion at the polling stations.

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Cholera outbreak in Haiti

Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

An outbreak of Cholera is the latest challenge facing Haiti. It has been reported so far officially that 19 people have died as a result of this cholera outbreak. However, health officials bring the number to 50 dead. Is it possible that the real the dead could be doubled or three time of what was reported so far?

Many more people have been taken to hospital as a result of severe vomiting, fever and diarrhea which are the typical symptoms of feared cholera outbreak in Haiti.

Can we handle an outbreak of cholera in Haiti at this time?

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