Gonzague Day di: Pa gen moun ki ap aksepte Jovenel Moise kòm Prezidan

Louis Gonzague Edner Day, yon zanmi pwòch Prezidan Michel Martelly ak ansyen Deleguee depatmantal West te di ke pa gen yon sèl moun ki pral aksepte Jovenel Moise kòm pwochen Prezidan an Ayiti. Deklarasyon an te fè yè (12/115/15) nan radyo "Envite du jour" ak Valery Numa, Vision 2000. Day mete kandida PHTK a responsab pou kriz la, li di ke Jovenel Moise se kòz dirèk nan aktyèl kriz eleksyon an Ayiti. Li pa dakò wout Prezidan Michel Martelly ap eseye pran pou enpoze kandida PHTK sou peyi a.


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No one will accept Jovenel Moise as President, said Gonzague Day

Louis Gonzague Edner Day, a close friend of President Michel Martelly and former Deleguee Departmental West said that no one is going to accept Jovenel Moise as the next President of Haiti. The declaration was made yesterday (12/115/15) at the radio show "Invite du Jour" with Valery Numa, vizyon 2000. Day also held the the PHTK candidate responsible for the current crisis, saying that Jovenel Moise is the principle cause of the current election crisis in Haiti. He deplore the way President Michel martelly is trying to impose the PHTK candidate on the country.

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