Haitian Diaspora excluded for the 2015 Haiti Election

Contrary to the wishes of many in the Haitian Diaspora all over the world, they will be on the side line as far as the next Haitian Election scheduled for 2015 is concerned. The new Electoral Decree did not make any provision for their involvement.


In an interview given to Mr. Valery Numa on March 12, the President of the actual CEP, Mr. Pierre Louis Opont did not hesitate to say that the Haitian Diaspora will not participate.

In the meantime, The Diaspora will continue to finance almost everything in Haiti, from education to funeral and everything else.

We should also expect the visits of many of the candidates for the next election as they are looking for money for their campaign

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Subject: Haitian Diaspora excluded for the 2015 Haiti Election edit

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