Haitian Opposition Demands Resignation of President Michel Martelly

Under pressure from his countrymen and his allies around the world, Haiti's President Michel Martelly created a commission to come up with a solution to the current political mess, listened to their recommendations, and forced the Prime Minister to resign his post. These measures, however, have not appeased the opposition, who still demand Martelly's own resignation, using protest demonstrations as their main medium to get their view across.


The same commission called for the resignation of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) judges (citing they are the body responsible for elections and thus culpable for the delay), as well as that of Anel Alexis Jose, the president of the Supreme Council of Judicial Power. These demands have yet to be complied with, and the call is still going strong for the president to himself resign. Working against such an eventuality, President Martelly has already met with the CEP members who, reportedly, are ready to comply by tendering letters of resignation. It cannot escape notice that the deadline for a holding of elections is close at hand. Past January 12, 2014, if one is not held, parliament will be dissolved and the current Head of State will rule by Presidential Decree. This has created significant impetus for the organizing of demonstrative crowds, a phenomena that is only likely to increase in frequency as the time looms ever nearer.

Recently, President Martelly spoke in Petionville at a meeting with five opposition groups, hoping to negotiate terms that could end the stalemate. Maitre Andre Michel, leader of MoPod, an opposition group, was not present at this meeting.

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