Why so many Political parties in Haiti? Are they selling Banner?

In past elections in Haiti, many people were complaining that there were too many candidates when in a single voting card, the population was obligated to pick one out of 30, 40 and sometimes, over 50 candidates. If they had a problem then, it is going to be much worst for the next one as there is a possibility to have close to 200 candidates to select from.


One may ask: what is wrong with this picture? Is it normal to have so many candidates running against each other in a single election? What does that demonstrate in term of politic in Haiti? What does it show about the Haitian person in general. Last, what does that say about the Haitian society?

I would want to have the opinion of as many people as possible on this. This is one way to engage in a deep analysis and understanding about us, the way we see each other, the way we relate to each other. It is another opportunity to question whether or not we have something wrong with us and what can we do to fix that.

One my part, the recent event here you have 192 political parties to register to participate in one single election is one more evidence that Haitians are unable to understand the world from any other angle than theirs. In another way, the beautiful statement found in our flag: "Lunion Fait La Force" doesn't mean anything to most of us.

Another reason I think that you have so many political parties registered for the next election is seen as a business opportunity. In another way, you can consider many of them as sellers of banners. As it is often the case in Haiti, most of our officials in Haiti have not been elected based on programs of a particular political party. They are elected based on their popularity or if they are associated with a popular individual


Nan eleksyon pase an Ayiti, anpil moun te di ke te gen anpil kandida kote ou te jwen 30, 40 ak pafwa, plis pase 50 kandida. Si yo te gen yon pwoblèm lè sa a, li pral pi mal la pou yo nan pwochen eleksyon kote gen yon posibilite pou gen preske 200 kandida.

Èske li nòmal pou gen anpil kandida sa yo?

Ki sa demontre sa?

Ki sa sa vle di de ayisyen an an jeneral?

Ki sa sa di sou sosyete ayisyen an?

Mwen ta vle gen opinyon anpil moun ke posib sou sa a.

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Nelson Jeudy says...

These political parties who have spent so many time, so much energies criticizing the current government of Michel Martelly are now proving that they are not better.

Based on their recent performance, I would go as far as saying that they are worst than Martelly.

These people should never become President, Senator or Deputy.

We have problem.

Unfortunately it is not getting any better with these people in the political

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Philippe Ron says...

Like you said clearly, this is not an election.

It is simply an opportunity for many of those political parties to make money.

They are in the reselling business.

During the election, anyone can come to any of them and request to be under their political party just for this election at a price.

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