Police landed on Local of Pitit Desalin with mendate on hands

We just learned that some of the members of the Pitit Desalin has a rough time as Haitian Police entered the local in search of an individual by the name of Sonson. We also learned that former Senator Moise Jean Charles was man handled and would not be allowed to enter the facility.


The members of the Political party are left confused, not knowing why this incident took place. Mr. Assad Volcy said to the news reporters that were present that at the beginning there was no Justice of Peace present. The Justice of Peace later showed up only after the Police


Lapolis ateri sou lokal Pitit Desalin ak menda nan men

Nou jis aprann ke kèk nan manm Pitit Desalin la te pase yon move moman jodiya.

La Polic ayisyen debake nan lokal ape chèche yon moun yo rele Sonson . Nou aprann ke ansyen Senatè Moise Jean Charles pase yon move momen paske La Polis pa kite li rantre

Manm nan pati politik Pitit Desalin yo pa konnen poukisa ensidan sa te pran plas. Mesye Assad Volcy di repòtè yo pa te gen okenn Jistis Lapè ki te la. Jistis lapè te vini sèlman apre la Polis fini fe kont dega

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Evelyn Jonas says...

The Haitian Police is working to make sure that we have an election free of violence.

If gangs like Pitid Desalin are allowed to do anything they want, we will see lots of violence during this election period.

The demonstration today by the Police is a good thing.

If it doesn't do anything else, it shows that they are in a position to manage any situation of violence during the election.

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Rene Volcy says...

This is a good time to deal with the violent elements of the Pitit Desalin.

The Police needs to start with their leader which is no other than Moise jean Charles.

If the government does not take control of this situation, criminals like Moise jean Charles will take over.

I would say: very good job for Police Haitian and the

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Jeanbou Noe says...

Political repression seems to begin in Haiti as new election is announced.

It is possible that we will see a lot more of these.

remember this is Haitian politic.

It is a very dangerous time

From I learned the Police is looking for three specific individuals.

One of the persons is called Sonson.

What he has been accused for, no one

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Subject: Police landed on Local of Pitit Desalin with mendate on hands edit

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