Ranmase Saturday ritual on Haiti Radio Caraibes

In Port-au-Prince in Haiti every Saturday, on the radio version of CNN's Crossfire, critics, politicians, wanting to be kingmakers, all arrive for a chance to spar verbal swords, accuse and debate on the future of Haiti.


Political Firefight

They are all ready to have the opponents shredded in the war to shape opinion of the public. There is no stop clock, no audience in the studio, no applause meter. The only thing to hear is the amplified sound of voices in Creole accent that emanate all through the city.

This political firefight is tuned into by all listeners from Haiti, Paris, Montreal and Miami. This is all happening in a nation where there has been a repression of free speech right from historical times.

The Ritual At Every Weekend
This is a ritual conducted every Saturday and everyone has to listen states a frequent guest and maverick senator, Steven Benoit. Once the show is over, one has to go to the streets or the internet after the show to find that everyone is talking about whatever had been said on Ranmase.

The show is moderated by a respected journalist Jean Monard Metellus who is not a referee but more of a quiet ringleader. Metallus has been hosting the show since 2004 and he states that this show is a courtroom for people.

An Intersection of Various Ideas on Society
Ranmase is nothing but an intersection of various ideas on society and an attempt to bring in all the new actors together. This does not necessary mean that the cast of characters on the Ranmase table will end with a handshake, warns Metellus.

Role of Haiti Radio
Problems of Michel Martelly, the President have been deepening lately since his administration has been facing discontent over political crisis on installing a permanent electoral council, allegations, rising prices of food and allegations, etc.

Debates on many more issues are held on the show. Recently the woes of Martelly went on interrupted for more than five hours at a broadcast recently. There is drama every week and the radio plays a critical role in this.

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