Former Haitian telecom Jean Rene Duperval, 9 years in prison for bribery

Jean Rene Duperval a former Haitian telecom director was recently sentenced to a 9 year jail term for bribery charges. Duperval was the director of international relations for Haiti Telecom, the sole provider of land line telephone service in Haiti a company which was allowed to transact with foreign telephone companies to provide various telephone services across the countries. He was arrested with charges of having engaged in various questionable activities between the years 2003 and 2006 where evidence shows that he was actually engaging in money laundering schemes and hiding the fact with various ways developed to evade the long arm of law.


It was claimed that during this time Jean Rene Duperval was engaged in receiving funds from 2 major Miami based companies so as to provide them with various leverage in business activities including giving them contracts even when they were not the best legible benefactors. The money was channeled via shell companies where he ordered the companies to pass the funds to these companies with supporting documents of various business engagements such as payroll and services rendered invoices. However the plan broke lose when they were caught and evidence laid before them on how and what their intentions were.

Jean Rene Duperval was not the only convicted felon but the 7th after a couple of other arrested and sentenced officials who were engaged in the acts. They were to serve as a lesson to all those planning to participate in such acts and a reminder that the law will eventually catch up with them despite what they do. He is to be serving his term in prison in the US where he was also convicted.

Jean Rene Duperval, telecom director, Haiti, arrested, jail, bribery
Former telecom director, Jean Rene Duperval, has been arrested for bribery.

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