Haitian Coast Guard, Marine Unit of National Police of Haiti (PNH)

The Haitian Coast Guard which is the Marine Unit of the National Police Unit of Haiti is one of the best things the country has ever had in a very long time. It is the only reason why there are eventful and success in what the country is trying to achieve as they play a very big role in their work. Among the many things the police unit has been able to achieve is a good and functional coast guard service unit that is very much functional and efficient at what it does.


Each year there are over a dozen attempts by the Haitians trying to flee the country illegally going to the many various countries such as the US and the neighboring countries. It is the function of the Haitian Coast Guard unit to ensure that such attempts are taken care of and that they are not futile since it poses a great risk to the people travelling in water under such circumstances.

The kind of escapades attempts received by the coast guard over the years has proved to be a very desperate one since there are very dangerous methods used including a boat carrying people heavier than double its capacity. It is usually a very risky act where many lives could easily be lost in a single minute should anything whatsoever small happen. It is thus a very important job for the coast guard to ensure that they prevent such people from facing such a horrible event and ensure that no one ever succeeds in such escapades.

Recently the Haitian Coast Guard received a token from the Canadian government of 5 new patrol boats. This is a way to both encourage the already cordial relationship between the two countries and also a way for the Canadian government to show how much willing they are to work with the Haitian government to ensure safety in the country.

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