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Michel Ange Gedeon, ratified by the Senate as new Police Chief of Haiti

Michel Ange Gedeon has finally been nominated as Director General of the National Police of Haiti. The Senate of the Republic ratified Mr Gideon for 3 years to remain in control of the National Police of Haiti.

In last February (29th), Michel-Ange Gédéon was promoted to the post of Inspector General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) from his earlier offices, Divisional Commissioner and former head of the West Departmental Office (DDO). In last April, he was installed as the Director General of the Haitian National Police, replacing his predecessor Godson Orélus, appointed during the Martelly regime. He submitted 14 of the 16 requested documents to the Senate Justice and Public Safety Committee being led by Jean Renel Senatus (LIDE/Ouest). However, his appointment was held in an interim status, subject to a ratification by the Senate of the Republic. Finally, his installation has been legitimized by the Senate through a ratification on Thursday, August 25, 2016. During his installation while replacing Godson Orélus in last April, Gédéon had said, "Politics have hurt our institution. Under my leadership, I want a neutral police force, far from politics and professional."

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Report put Guy Philippe right in the middle of attack in Cayes' Police Station

The investigation on the attack on the night of May 15 and 16, 2016 in Cayes is complete. According to The Bureau of Criminal Affair(BAC), the attack was Planned in Pastel with Guy Philippe with assistance from his troop. The report reveals that these people had a mission to destabilize the country by attacking Police Stations.

The report indicated that the attackers took away with them: 19 shotguns, 2 M1 riffles, 5 Lynch guns, ammunition and communication equipment, 1 Galil riffle, 5 pistols, 4 bulletproof vests and a Car Nissan.

Arrest warrants are being issued for the arrest of the group leader for Guy Philippe, as well as Yves Jeudy, Michel Alophene Lafalaise, Willy Joseph, Camy, Ricot, Vital Aslin, Marcelus Delande, Teleus Joseph Remy, Komandan Cedras, Komandan Renard, Ketelie, Jean Marc, Athanael Joseph, Rony, Wesmy, Ti Mousson, Renald St Villieres and Cenat ey Komandan Desire.

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Flash - Police officer shot dead after purchase from street vendor

This afternoon, Friday, May 27, 2016 what comes to become a current event in Haiti, a Police Officer is assassinated. Born on May 15, 1983 at Cerca Cavajal, Loubens Desrameaux who graduated with the 22nd promotion of the PNH was shot dead at the vicinity of Champs de Mars after purchasing a bottle of Guinness from a street vendor

What do you think?

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Michel-Ange Gedeon, appointed Director General of the National Police

Friday, April 8, 2016, to the surprise of many, the head of of the Central Directorate of Administrative Police (DCPA), Michel-Ange Gedeon, was appointed by President Jocelerme Privert as the new Director General of the National Police, replacing Godson Orelus, pending ratification by the Senate of the Republic. The ceremony took place at the National Police Headquarters in Pétion-Ville

Michel-Ange Gedeon was appointed about a Month ago at the Central Directorate of administrative police. In this new position, he will be focusing on the security of the population.

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Police officer Placide Jean-Louis killed in Champ de Mars

Another Police Officer is down in Port-au-Prince. January 17, 2016 Police officer Placide Jean-Louis who is an Agent 4 working in Cite Soleil was cowardly assassinated in in Champ de Mars, not too far from the Musee du Pantheon National (MUPANAH). He was shot multiple time by unknown individual as he came out of the Bank after a financial tranaction

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

Yo touye yon lot Ofisye polis Placide sou Champ de Mas, Jean-Louis

Yon lòt Ofisye Polis mouri ankò nan Pòtoprens. 17 janvye, 2016 ofisye polis Placide Jean-Louis ki se yon Ajan 4 k ap travay nan Site Solèy te lachteman mouri sou Champ de Mas, pa twò lwen soti nan muze du panteon Nasyonal la (MUPANAH). Li te resevwa plizyè bal lè ke li te soti nan Bank apre yon tranaction finansye

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UDMO Police Officer shot dead in Anba Gwo Mon in Saint-Marc

Another Police Officer is dead. Lorame Kensky who came from the 8th promotion of Police Institute was shot dead by armed bandits. He was an Agent IV with the UDMO Unit. Officer Lorame Kensky was amboshed and killed in a locality called "Anba Gwo Mon" in Saint-Marc, as he was on his way to the city of Gonaives for training.

Is it normal for all the Police officers who are supposed to protect us are unable to protect themselves

What do you think?

Haitian Kreyol:

UDMO Ofisye Polis te mouri nan yon lokalite ki rele "Anba Gwo Mòn" nan Saint-Marc

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Bandit on motorcycle killed inspector Daniel Pierre in Delmas 31

I hate to say this but Haiti, Port-au-Prince in particular is not one of the safest places to be in at the end of the year. I will be even be more specific, the Demas area is a death trap and for the past few weeks, is has been at the center of most of the assassinations. The latest victim is a Police Officer. We learned that a bandit on motorcycle just killed inspector Daniel Pierre of the Judiciary Police (DCPJ) in Delmas 31.

Haitian kreyol:

ansasen sou motosiklèt touye enspektè Danyèl Pierre nan Delmas 31

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Haiti's Election, a Test for the National Police

The day before the Sunday's critical vote on August 9th, the election officials in Haiti were training polling station workers and hurrying delivering millions of ballots and other materials to the polling stations while some of them were located in the most remote part of the country.

Political parties were scrambling to get their agents' identification documents to witness and monitor the proceedings inside the polling stations, because the Provisional Electoral Council could not grant them on time. Although the Haitian police chief, Orélus Godson, with a sense of serenity had ensured before the election that the security forces would be implemented, security plans are in place, many people were scared on the election day, wondering if they go to vote, they might get shot at during the first round of parliamentary elections on Sunday, August 9. In Haiti, elections have long been synonymous with violence; it is the security on election day that is of concern.

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MINUSTAH & Haitian Police To Guard, Dominican Trucks, Entering Haiti

As per news report dated March 9th, 2015, Pierre Duly Brutus, the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs has informed his Dominican counterpart, Andrés Navarro about the new measures to ensure safety and security of the ambassador, consuls and other staff working on diplomatic missions in the Embassy and the five Dominican consulates in Haiti. We may remember that in the last week the Dominican government had announced a notice of temporary closure of its consular offices in Port-au-Prince, Ouanaminthe, Cap-Haïtien Anse-à-Pitre and Belladère. The Chancellor Navarro has welcomed this safety move taken by the Martelly administration and stated that the five consulates that were closed temporarily will be reopened soon. Navarro has also stated that he would meet his Haitian counterpart Duly Brutus, during the Summit of Heads of State of the Central American Integration System (SICA) on March 10 in Antigua. The Dominican authority is ready to maintain open and respectful dialogue with neighboring Haitian authorities. His Haitian counterpart Duly Brutus has also reiterated that we will use all diplomatic channels to reduce tensions between the two peoples.

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Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) Disapproval for Alo Lapolis

The National Police (PNH) of Haiti has achieved better security in the country and defense against banditry, but the Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) for the protection of Human rights has expressed disapproval regarding the TV show "Alo Lapolis", which is broadcasted by the PNH. The TV show is being aired since a decade and it broadcasts images of people arrested and occasionally forces them to confess.

The Ombudsman, Mrs. Florence Élle said in a statement issued on 25 April 2014 that the program surely has a positive impact as it promotes the action of the police. However, it violates the Principle of Presumption of Innocence. The principle, enshrined in Article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 14-2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, guarantees the right to any person suspected of guilt, not to be considered guilty unless tried and legally sentenced by an impartial court. For instance, a person arrested by the PNH for mere accusation regarding damage to someone's property was forced to make confess his guilt on the television show.

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