MINUSTAH & Haitian Police To Guard, Dominican Trucks, Entering Haiti

As per news report dated March 9th, 2015, Pierre Duly Brutus, the Haitian Minister of Foreign Affairs has informed his Dominican counterpart, Andrés Navarro about the new measures to ensure safety and security of the ambassador, consuls and other staff working on diplomatic missions in the Embassy and the five Dominican consulates in Haiti. We may remember that in the last week the Dominican government had announced a notice of temporary closure of its consular offices in Port-au-Prince, Ouanaminthe, Cap-Haïtien Anse-à-Pitre and Belladère. The Chancellor Navarro has welcomed this safety move taken by the Martelly administration and stated that the five consulates that were closed temporarily will be reopened soon. Navarro has also stated that he would meet his Haitian counterpart Duly Brutus, during the Summit of Heads of State of the Central American Integration System (SICA) on March 10 in Antigua. The Dominican authority is ready to maintain open and respectful dialogue with neighboring Haitian authorities. His Haitian counterpart Duly Brutus has also reiterated that we will use all diplomatic channels to reduce tensions between the two peoples.


Recently, Blas Peralta, the president of the National Federation of Dominican Transportation (Fenatrado), has informed that the United Nations Mission for Stability in Haiti (Minustah) and the Haitian Police has established a safe corridor through which the trucks carrying merchandise from the Dominican Republic to Haiti can travel so henceforth under the protection of these two forces. The corridor spans from Jimaní to the Haitian town of Kwadèbouke (Croix-des-Bouquets) and from there to the area near the international airport at Port-au-Prince. However, insufficient number of MINUSTAH members could not assure safe passage beyond this route. If any truck deviates this route, it would run on own risk. Peralta, however, demanded that the Haitian authorities must protect the trucks on the Haitian soil throughout their destination, as there are rumors that the Haitians are preparing to take vengeance against the Dominican Republic for the Haitians that was hung in Santiago.

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