Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) Disapproval for Alo Lapolis

The National Police (PNH) of Haiti has achieved better security in the country and defense against banditry, but the Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) for the protection of Human rights has expressed disapproval regarding the TV show "Alo Lapolis", which is broadcasted by the PNH. The TV show is being aired since a decade and it broadcasts images of people arrested and occasionally forces them to confess.


The Ombudsman, Mrs. Florence Élle said in a statement issued on 25 April 2014 that the program surely has a positive impact as it promotes the action of the police. However, it violates the Principle of Presumption of Innocence. The principle, enshrined in Article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Article 14-2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, guarantees the right to any person suspected of guilt, not to be considered guilty unless tried and legally sentenced by an impartial court. For instance, a person arrested by the PNH for mere accusation regarding damage to someone's property was forced to make confess his guilt on the television show.

Recommendations have been made for immediate withdrawal of the broadcast of this program. Pierre Esperance, executive secretary of RNDDH has said that the broadcast of the show is not an appropriate measure for preventing criminal offences in the country.

He also believes that the Police institution has brought forward this program in order to pressurize the higher judicial system. However, he has stated that the state's highest authorities should be above all suspicion. However, the President of the National Association of Haitian magistrate has sharply criticized this issue as irrelevant. Considering that in some cases the arrested are innocent, the judge Durin Duret Junior says that "Alo Polis" is an attempt to discourage the bandits.

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Subject: Office of Citizen Protection (OPC) Disapproval for Alo Lapolis edit

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