UN intensify efforts to eliminate cholera from Haiti

On August 19, 2016, the former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced a new approach by the United Nations to cholera in Haiti. In his statement, he indicated that the UN deeply regrets the terrible suffering the people of Haiti have endured as a result of the cholera epidemic and that the United Nations has a commitment and moral responsibility to the victims of the cholera epidemic and to support Haiti in overcoming the epidemic.


The United Nation's new approach is intended to intensify efforts to eliminate cholera from Haiti and assist and support those most directly affected. The approach consists two tracks.

Track No 1: The UN will make long term investment and take measures to end the transmission of cholera, improve access to care and treatment and address the short term and longer-term issues of water, sanitation and health systems in Haiti.

Track 2: The second track describes development packages that will provide material assistance and support to those Haitians most directly affected by Cholera.

When Cholera broke out in October 2010, just nine months after the 2010 earthquake that caused 222,570 deaths, the country was ill-prepared to face this additional blow. The country had the poorest sanitation infrastructure in the western hemisphere. Only one quarter of the population had access to decent toilets and one half to clean water. As per recent statistics, Cholera has afflicted nearly 800,000 people and above 9,000 deaths. The case fatality rate in a well-managed cholera outbreak should be less than 1%, which rose to 2.43% in 2010. Thanks to the concerted international and Haitian efforts; the risk of the outbreak has been reduced by 90% so far.

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