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U.S. Government Investment In Haiti's Rebuilding And Renewal

Hillary Rodham Clinton, US Secretary made Haiti a priority as part of the foreign policy in 2009. A commitment was made to change in the way United States and Haiti partnered.

Partnership With US

A lot of effort has been put in for more than 3 1/2 years by US to partner with the Haitian people and the government. GOH - the government of Haiti got a lot of support from the US after the 2010 devastating earthquake. Life sustaining and life saving needs were met.

One of the engagements was related to emergency and humanitarian aid and the other engagement was to pursue a strategy for long term sustainable development in Haiti.

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Hillary Clinton Praises Haiti on 209th Independence Anniversary

U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, developed a blood clot after falling in her home in early December. Clinton was nursing a stomach-flu virus, and had become dangerously dehydrated. The fall resulted in a brain concussion. As part of follow-up treatment, she was given a MRI, a diagnostic procedure that revealed a blood clot wedged between her skull and brain. Blood-thinner prescriptions have been administered to her to remove the clot.

Secretary Clinton was scheduled to address a congressional hearing on the Benghazi assault, which took the life of Chris Stephens, U.S. Ambassador to Libya. Clinton accepted full responsibility for the assault, but the Obama administration does not find her at fault. However, right-wingers doubt her integrity, believing she is using her condition to avoid testifying.

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Inauguration of Caracol Industrial Park the Crown Jewel of Northern Haiti

Opening ceremonies for Caracol Industrial Park (CIP) occurred on October 22, 2012. Michel Martelly, President of Haiti, hosted some of the biggest backers of northern Haiti's first industrial park, projected to eventually produce nearly 200,000 jobs. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, along with her husband, President Bill Clinton, presided over a crowd of investors and celebrities.

Haiti, the U.S., and the Inter-American Development Bank have donated a combined total of $464 million over the next six years. Other foundation and business donors are contributing to the development of Haiti's infrastructure.

Secretary Rodham-Clinton spoke before a lunch reception crowd. She told them that contributing to the sustained economic health of Haiti goes beyond sending relief aid to the earthquake-damaged island. On-going private investment in the infrastructure and economic initiatives to provide Haitians a better quality of life are key to raising Haiti out of its failed-state status. She said that although CIP was already in the planning stages before the 2010 earthquake shattered the country's infrastructure and economy, already feeble, the Obama administration has placed Haiti high on its priority list. The U.S. has followed through with a $124 million investment in CIP.

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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton welcomes Michel Martelly in Washington D.C.

As Michel Martelly was officially confirmed as the New president of Haiti, he was busy in the U.S. Capital, in Washington DC meeting all the right people

Now we can all say the 2010 and 2011election tragedy in Haiti is finally over.
Now Michel Martelly is being involved in better and bigger things. He is meeting with the players that would be responsible to either make or brake his government.

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Date for Haiti Runoff election scheduled for March 20, 2011

Haiti Electoral Council has scheduled Haiti election Runoff for March 20, 2011. The campaign for the 2nd tour will start officially on February 17 and will end March 20. Final results announcing the new president of Haiti will be done on March 31.

Who said The Haitian leaders could not work together and solve their own problems. Look at this:

- For the good of the country, Jude Celestin, in agreement with the decision of The Organization of American States, will not participate in the election. Remember that Jude Celestin came in second in the preliminary results.

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