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Valentine's Day Greeting

It is through a Valentine's Day greeting that you can convey your feelings and thoughts to that special person in your life. On this day, via the greeting, your heart is able to do the talking. Valentine's Day, celebrated on 14th February each year, is a special day to pour your heart out to the loved one and celebrate the relationship.

Some of the best wishes could be like this. "I really feel incredibly lucky, the arrow has brought the two of us together", "Happy Valentine's Day", "Looking towards sharing a hot and spicy Valentine's Day with you", " Sending you special Valentine's Day wishes", "You are so sweet, just for you, Happy Valentine's Day" and lots more.

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Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Everyone these days are so busy that there is hardly much time left at the end of the day and hence purchasing last minute Christmas gifts is a common thing. The shopping experience can be a good one only if a few important tips are followed. There is every chance of forgetting to purchase a gift for someone you care, especially when you have not had enough time on hand.

Even at the last minute there are plenty of gifts available at various shops on the internet and brick and mortar stores. As the saying goes, 'Better late than never', if you have genuinely forgotten someone then gifting at the last minute also is not too bad. Ensure a great gift by dedicating at least some time towards the shopping.

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Holiday Greeting Tips

During the holiday seasons like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Year especially other holidays or religious and cultural celebrations in a particular country, holiday greetings are exchanged with good intentions with friends, family and strangers for which you will need to follow some holiday greeting tips. The word 'Happy' is typically followed by the name of holiday concerned.

During winter and summer holidays, people wish each other by saying 'Happy Holidays'. The greetings are also associated with peace, joy, fun and good luck while the holiday is being spent. People wish each other in the hope that they will enjoy a great holiday.

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Unique Christmas Gifts

Christmas is a time to exchange some of the best unique Christmas gifts. It is celebrated in many countries across the world and exchanging gifts is a universal part of the celebrations. Great Christmas holidays can be shared with friends and family and unique gifts selected as part of gift ideas for Christmas.

As per the favorite choice of the recipient, Christmas music and candles, tickets to a movie related to Christmas, Christmas glasses, motif platters and mugs, holiday books in one the elegant editions, picture frames, a planner for the desk, crockery, glass plates, wine glasses, calendar, a Christmas wall hanging, a bell pull, a center piece, diary, a holder for cards and gilt ornaments.

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Dealing with Difficult Relatives during the Holidays

Extended family relations around the holidays can become an occasion for unpleasant interactions.

Social gatherings for Thanksgiving, holiday parties, Christmas and New Year's Day dinners, can force you into uncomfortable face-offs with some members of the family. Here are some guidelines to help you deal with annoying--sometimes to the extreme--relatives.

• Be polite and respectful. Remind yourself this is the only occasion you need to see them on. You can pleasantly tolerate their presence for a few short hours.

• If you find it impossible to have a pleasant conversation, avoid them. Make your hellos and goodbyes civil though.

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Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?

It is a tradition in the United States to celebrate Thanksgiving Day every fourth Thursday of November.

Americans have been celebrating Thanksgiving since time immemorial. It is said that the first ever Thanksgiving was marked in 1598 in the Texas city of El Paso but most people believe that the event is held to remember the Pilgrim's harvest celebration in Plymouth, Massachusetts 391 years ago. Thanksgiving was not considered a national holiday until first US President George Washington proclaimed it in 1789.

The main reason why Americans hold Thanksgiving Day is to express their gratitude for everything they have. This is the time of the year when they can celebrate with their friends and family. Usually, Thanksgiving is marked with a feast consisting of turkey, vegetables, pumpkin pie, potatoes, and others. Parades are also held across the country, while special events are rolled out. Businesses, schools and other establishments are often closed during Thanksgiving so as to allow employees and students to share the day with people close to them. Many establishments and government agencies even give a four-day holiday to their staff during this time.

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Tips for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Anyone, who has hosted Thanksgiving dinner, knows it is a mammoth undertaking.

To reduce the strain of preparing and cleaning up your Thanksgiving meal, here are guidelines to help you.

Delegate responsibilities. Defrosting, washing, stuffing, roasting, and carving the turkey is a large task. Ask invitees to bring side dishes. This could include mashed potatoes, yams, home-made cranberry sauce, and green-bean casserole (yuck!). Assign someone the task of making and baking holiday pies. Ask someone else to bring a few pre-meal snacks.

Organize a cleaning brigade. Get people scraping down dishes and discarding scraps into the green recycle bin. Instruct them to put all plastic, glass, aluminum, and paper packaging into the blue bin. Have each person perform a task in handling the dishwashing duties. Assign roles of washer, rinser, wiper, and storer.

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Inexpensive Gift-Giving for the Holidays

The economy has made gift-giving for the holidays difficult. But you can economize, be creative, and have fun in producing gifts that show you care. One method is to shop throughout the year. If you see a sales special for an item you know will please someone, snatch it up and save. January is the month for white sales and all bedding is steeply discounted. You can purchase some beautiful sheet sets and surprise someone, who never expected to receive such an item.

Gift items needn't be expensive or conventional. You can forgo the X-box 360 and give nephew collectible sports cards of his favorite team. Give mom or nana a box of tree ornaments. How about a favorite plant for your uncle's green thumb?

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