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How the housing problem in Haiti can be solved

Housing in Haiti was already a problem even before the 2010 earthquake. After it, the level of poverty, and consequently the lack of sufficient, decent housing, was worsened. While the sub-standard buildings that had been erected before, without adherence to building codes and earthquake and hurricane resistance, were not the ideal, it can be debated that they were still better than the current broken-down structures and tarpaulin tents that many Haitians now call home. Their inadequacy becomes clear every time it rains.

New ideas in home building are coming out of the woodwork in a worldwide attempt to help eradicate homelessness in poorer countries and the world at large. Of the brilliant new ideas is the possibility of houses made from plastic bottles, shipping containers, and mixed materials such as clay, sand and straw.

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Brandaid Project and TFO Canada, to launch Haiti collection of home decor designs

In a small but important initiative, TFO Canada, Brandaid Project and Minister of International Cooperation, Julian Fantino will together launch Brandaid Haiti Collection of Home Décor Designs in Canadian Market by the fall of 2013. These home décor designs will be manufactured exclusively in Haiti by the artisan microenterprises. The aim of this project is to develop a sustainable income source for the impoverished Haitians and to promote small businesses and art in Haiti. The private sector partnership will aim towards pushing Haiti towards a sustainable economic growth by giving a push to the untapped resources and skills of the Haitian people.

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Over 200, 000 lives could have been saved in Haiti

The magnitude-7 earthquake in Haiti did not kill, but our buildings did. A five-person U.S. team evaluating the magnitude-7 earthquake that struck Haiti Jan. 12 says much of the massive loss of life might have been prevented.

The team, led by University of Washington structural engineering Professor Marc Eberhard, said its main conclusion was that much of the loss of life could have been prevented by using earthquake-resistant designs and construction, as well as improved quality control in concrete and masonry work.

The researchers recommended simple and cost-effective earthquake engineering be emphasized in Haiti's rebuilding effort.

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