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Haiti on Ice show finally on

A definite challenge for Haiti event organizers, Haiti on Ice. A chance meeting at a music festival one year ago brought about one of the few happy spots in Haiti's recent history. From their encounter, tourism minister, Stephanie Villedrouin planted a seed into the head of her new acquaintance, Super Canal Prod. rep, Francois Yrius, and nurtured the idea into fruition. While it was slow to yield, with many postponements and other obstacles, the image of a basketball stadium in Port-au-Prince Haiti being a spot suitable for ice staking to hold Haiti on Ice show, was this year made real.

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Ice Skating at Sylvio Cator Stadium, Haiti on Ice, Figure Skating show

The Haiti Ministry of Tourism is jumping on every opportunity to promote the island to a wider public. As such, it will host its first international biking race in June. To be televised in the U.S., it will show racing pros winding through high-mountain terrain, and resting in secreted, virgin forestlands, to promote eco-tourism. In another approach to promote Haiti as the place to visit for international sporting events, it is holding the first figure-skating show "Haiti on Ice" at Sylvio Cator Stadium this spring.

Minister of Tourism, Stephanie Villedrouin, and Acting Minister of Culture, Josette Darguste, have contracted with Super Canal Productions to televise the event in the U.S. In alliance with the Ministries of Tourism and Culture, the government of Haiti (GOH) has made it policy to fund these international events, aware Haiti needs to project a positive image to the world. President Martelly and Prime Minister Lamothe also understand showing Haiti as having the capacity to hold these highly-publicized sporting events will attract convention business as well.

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