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IDB asking where did the money given for Caracol road go

Wilson Laleau and Jacques Rousseau will have some explaining to do in regard to money given by the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) for the construction of road to access the Caracol region. After visiting the site of the project, BID had estimated that the project is incomplete, was not managed well and sufficient documentation has not been provided to justify the expenses. So far, the explanation provided by Wilson Laleau is unacceptable and the Inter-American Development Bank is actually asking for reimbursement.

You may also want to know that the firm "Agritans" that belongs to Presidential candidate Jovenel Moise was one of the companies that benefited from this project.

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IDB approved $36 million grant to foster tourism along Haiti's southern coastline

The statistics are that 80% of Haitians living in rural areas survive by farming for their food. The country has the lowest employment rate in the region with only 60% working within the formal sector. With Haiti's shift towards tourism for its main industry, hopes are high for those living in the capital and the more popular tourist cities in the north. But what about those in the southern parts of Haiti?

Those areas, with little by way of attraction for tourists seeking the beauty of the country, have been granted a possible foothold in Haiti's bright tourism future. It comes in the form of a grant of $36 million from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), to be used to nurture the tourist potential of sites along the southern coastline that are rich in natural resources, culture and history, but poor in aesthetic beauty, and proper industry facilities. Today, 90% of the historic attractions don't have the necessary facilities to make them useable. The towns aren't home to many, if any, beautiful hotels, the beaches are polluted and eroded, and even though some host international festivals, the infrastructure to receive tourists just isn't present.

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Transforming Route Nationale #1, Port-au-Prince To Cap-Haitian, into Highway

What would you say if I tell you there is a plan to make "Route Nationale #1" safer, more efficient and overall better. While we are fighting among ourselves, the multi-year plan to make Haiti an emerging country is moving ahead.

In the objective to improve economic development in Haiti, an investment of $50 million is being made by the Inter-American Development Bank to improve road transportation between Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien which are the biggest cities in Haiti.

By the time this project is over, the road from Port-au-Prince to Cap-Haitian will be equipped with guardrails, speed bumps and road signs. The road will also have widening shoulders.

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