Haiti to Work with Turks and Caicos Islands on Immigration Issue

Turk and Caicos Islands Governor Todd and Minister Gardiner of Border Control and Labor are producing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Haiti concerning illegal emigration from Haiti to TCI. The MOU will bullet-point directives to be used to fight it. Governor and President Martelly and members of their cabinets met to draft the MOU and come to an understanding about the seriousness of the issue.


Todd explained to Martelly TCI cannot handle the influx of illegal aliens from Haiti due to its small size and budget concerns. He got Martelly to apprehend the serious nature of illegal immigration to TCI, the risk of the ocean trip itself.

Todd queried Martelly about solutions the government of Haiti (GOH) could employ to stop illegal immigration to TCI. Martelly replied he had three strategies: one, create jobs, stop the food crisis, and raise living standards; two, improve relations of coastal authorities from both islands; and three, educate the Haitian populace on the dangers of emigrating to TCI, in defiance of immigration laws.

Todd and his party next visited the Port-au-Prince coast guard (CG) commander to find out what steps the CG is taking to lessen unlawful immigration to TCI.

Offering his conclusions about Haitian cooperation, he said GOH needs more manpower to grapple with the problem. But the global community is putting its resources to work to help. He is confident GOH has the political will to grow and marshal its human resources to stop unlawful immigration.

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