How to Prepare Yourself for A US Visa Interview

Before you prepare for applying non-immigrant visa, you must keep in mind that under the U.S Law, all applicants for non-immigrant visas are viewed as intending immigrants until they can convince the consular officer that they are not. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself to show them that you have reasons stronger to return your home country than remaining in the United States. Your chances of success will greatly increase if you prepare yourself with necessary documents and convincing answers of the anticipated questions of the visa officer. Always remember that incomplete or improper documentation is the leading cause of visa failure. So prepare yourself with perfect documents, especially your property documents, bank statement, income tax returns, family photographs and make sure nothing is missing. If your application was ever rejected, and you intend to apply for a second time, must consider the fact that consular officers do keep earlier records and he will compare your new documents against the earlier documents.


Be ready to face any questions the visa officer may throw at you. The visa officer may wants to know your financial capability to manage all expenses during your stay or study. The visa interview is all about assessing you, and gaining clarity on all the documents you have already submitted to them. They want to see why you should be granted a visa. They want to learn about your long range plans, present financial condition and career prospect in your home country. Applicants from countries suffering with economical issues are more likely to be asked about job opportunities and his/ her dependants at home and plans to fund his/ her stay in the U.S. During your interview, always be concise and maintain a positive attitude.

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