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Dominican president Danilo Medina threatens Haiti

According to Haiti Press Network, Dominican President Danilo Medina said this week that he would take "drastic measures" to resolve the issue of the ban on Dominican chickens and eggs by the Haitian government. He added that there are no valid reason for the ban noting that the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has supported their claim that there was no bird flu in the Dominican Republic.

Danilo Medina denounced the special interests behind the actions taken by Haiti and concluded that they need to find solutions to not depend on the Haitian market."

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Diaspora Remittances Doubled Over Last Decade

Haiti's Diaspora is an important contributor to its economy. With 70% of Haitians living below the poverty line, and other sources of government income not dependable, the government of Haiti (GOH) looks to the Diaspora to keep a steady stream of remittances arriving to supply basic needs of poor Haitians in rural areas of the island.

The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) commissioned a study on the Diaspora's remittance patterns in the Caribbean. IADB's foreign investment group, the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF), conducted research and compiled statistics. What MIF discovered--when they analyzed the data--are remittances coming from the U.S., Europe, and Canada have doubled within the last decade. Two significant growth increases occurred, from 2005 to 2006, a 6.5% increase in remittances, and from 2009 to 2010, 8.3%.

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Government of Haiti Blames Donors for Halting Recovery

After three years of very little movement on rebuilding efforts to repair Haiti's damaged infrastructure, a new body has been created by the government of Haiti (GOH) to quicken funding for construction projects. Originally, construction projects were initiated under the Strategic Plan for the Development of Haiti (SPDH). But GOH did little to actualize projects.

As Prime Minister Lamothe explains, "Donor funds have focused mostly on emergency relief . . . the time is now for nation-building." In place of SPDH, GOH has created Committee on Coordination of External Aid for the Development of Haiti (CAED). The purpose of CAED is to create a system, in which all participants work together to speed up funding so rebuilding can occur at a faster pace.

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Prince Albert II of Monaco visits to Haiti February, 2013

In his scheduled visit of February 15, 2013 Prince Albert II of Monaco will spent a full day in Haiti. This Friday when he visits he will discuss with President Michel Martelly on the fight against HIV/AIDS and later the prince will inaugurate Prince Albert II de Monaco kindergarten and elementary school.

Prince Albert II de Monaco School since opening its doors in October 2012 now has a population of 160 children. The institution is funded by a collective humanitarian of Monaco "Monaco Collectif Haiti" and the body will continue to support the school until 2015. The school is hosting children who in one way or another are disadvantaged.

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Jordan's King Abdullah II briefly visited Haiti

Abdullah II, King of Jordan, paid a brief visit to Haiti during the last weekend of April, 2013. King Abdullah II was on a broader trip to Spain and United States. During his visit, the King of Jordan met with Haitian President, Michel Martelly. The meeting took place at Toussaint Louverture International Airport at Port-au-Prince. National Palace disclosed that Abdullah II and Michel Martelly discussed issues like health and education as well as security.

The government of Haiti also disclosed that the King of Jordan inquired about the progresses made by the country after the island nation was hit by the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010 and that Jordan's leader asked about the potential areas where the two countries and work together to help Haiti revive itself from the effects of the natural disaster.

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The United Nations Day

October 24, 1945. This is the date when a charter by five permanent Security Council member states was ratified. It is after the ratification when the United Nations, commonly known as UN came into force. The five members include; United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Republic of China and the Soviet Union.

It is in 1948 when the 3rd anniversary of the occasion was conducted. From that year the day, October 24, has been called the United Nations Day. It is a day to highlight, reflect and celebrate the work that the United Nations and it's various committed agencies have done to the world.

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What's the big deal with Haiti hiring lobbyist seeking to influence US decision-makers

This is something I am totally in favor of. What I would call a smart move by the Haitian government to defend its interest. Everyone else does it why not us?

So what is the big deal that all the medias have been reported upon, making people believe that we are doing something wrong?

It has been made public in the press recently that the Haitian government has hired a one-time Clinton administration official with the objective to influence U.S. officials who pledged $3 billion after the 2010 earthquake. Disclosures document obtained from the U.S. Justice Department also show other lobbying activities by Haitians to influence decision makers in Washington D.C.

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Haiti offers to Canada the biggest growth opportunity

Considering the economic situation of many countries in the world, Haiti is looking more and more attractive as a place for doing business to many countries in the world that are focusing on growth. Haiti presents itself as a country where a lot of money can be made; at least, this is what the Canadian government believes. In a world where the competition is fierce and each country is looking out for their own interest, Canada is not an exception.

The Harper Government will lead a trade mission to Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince from September 2 to 7, 2012 to open the door to new opportunities in that market for these Canadian companies. Twenty organizations, primarily from the infrastructure and , will be participating in the trade mission.

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NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian Misery - The Humiliation

I am sick and tired of NGOs and Religious Organizations selling Haitian misery to raise money.

Doesn't that just get to you, watching our Haitian brothers and sisters getting stripped from their dignity by these foreign Non-Profit Organizations or religious organizations for a bag of rice or some second hand clothes or shoes?

Let make it clear that many of these organizations are providing tremendous services to the Haitian population. Some of them are providing services that the population desperately needs such as help in the medical field, agriculture, energy, business development, education, home, and technology and we are very thankful for that.

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All Haitian Passengers are to be screened for cholera

All Haitiana entering Jamaica are to be screened for cholera

This is breaking news. All persons from Haiti are to be screened before being allowed to enter the country.

The Director of Emergency Management and Special Services in the Health Ministry stated that All persons entering the country by airports or by seaports from Haiti are to face quarantine before allowed into the country. This is what was reported today by Jamaicaobservator.Com

Jamaica is so far the first country to require Haitians or people arriving from Haiti to undergo a screening before allowed into Jamaica.

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