Deputy Jacques Stevenson Thimoléon raised concerns for PSP

On Monday, November 10, 2014, the Prime Minister's spokesman, Pierre Michel Brunache, released a statement saying that there was no bad blood between Parliamentarians for Stability and Progress (PSP) and the Haitian Government following the comment made by Deputy Jacques Stevenson Thimoléon that has been interpreted to mean, among other things, that there is friction between the two entities. Thimoléon's comment, stating his belief that the government's "bad faith" has been the reason behind the obstruction of the Lower House, was made at the staging of the 42nd Council of Government. This statement from the President of the Chamber of Deputies has given many the impression that relations between the government and the PSP is at an all-time low.


Putting a small dose of fuel to the fire is Deputy Abel Descollines, the First Secretary of the Office of the Lower House, who said he has noticed a certain disquiet between the two, citing an absence of communication with government ministers and the restriction in certain budgetary matters that creates an administrative problem. A likely excuse for this kind of rapport, according to Descollines, may be that the government is under the impression that, since the deputies went on vacation, the house isn't operating. He stated that this was not so, and claimed that many calls from Deputies have gone unanswered by ministers.

In his address, Brunache admitted the glitch in funding for the Chamber of Deputies, but said it was not due to any problem between the PSP and the government. He also stated that the problem has now been cleared up.

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