Is there a movement orchestrated by Lavalas Regime to destabilize Martelly Government?

I have been hearing that the opposition to the government of Michel Martelly is not something that just some individuals who are not satisfied with his government are doing.


According to some Martelly supporters as well as others who are just interested in Haiti politic, this movement is not simple at all. There is one leader and strategist managing the entire movement.

The do name former president Jean Bertrand Aristide to be the mastermind behind this movement.

Whether it is a movement in the city of Les Cayes, Cap-Haitian or Jeremie. Whether it is a public statement by some members of political parties, Human Rights attorneys or many Haitian Senators or Deputies, some people would want us to believe that the hands of former president and Lavalas leader Jean Bertrand Aristide is all over it.

Here is the latest accusation I heard: Parliamentarians receive money from Jean Bertrand Aristide to organize protests. The people who are protesting have plan to close all private and public schools in the near future.

Now my question to you is that:

Do you believe this is the case or this is just paranoia from people?

Why would Jean Bertrand Aristide, a former priest, a supporter of the poor do such a thing?

Recent protests against Martelly government:

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Subject: Is there a movement orchestrated by Lavalas Regime to destabilize Martelly Government? edit

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