The phenomenon of "Rache Manyok" in Haiti, a perpetual movement

As this new wave of protest against Michel Martelly are getting stronger and stronger, it helps to do some analysis of the situation. Have you noticed that in Haiti there has always been a movement to get ride of the government? Based on my analysis, Haiti political landscape has three basic stages: a) The "Election of the New Leader" period, b) The "Honeymoon" Period, c) The "Rache Manyok" period.


Let's take the period of the "Election of New Leader". This is usually a tense period where the major players are using all kind of tricks to control the election. On the other side, since the population is aware of that, they pay close attention to detail and are ready at any moment to take to the street.

The "Honeymoon Period" is usually a period where the majority of the population want to start over. I personally call this period a "Give a Chance" period. The opposition is usually very quiet during this period. Some in the opposition are also waiting for an opportunity to either join the government or negotiate a financial of power settlement to remain quiet.

Finally the "Rache Manyok" Period will eventually come without a doubt. It is the result of many factors. One, since the new government can not satisfy everyone, usually those who have been disappointed by not getting what they feel they deserve start to find a way to revolt. Two, you look at the major sectors in the Haitian society; those who are not satisfied with the new direction also start organizing. Usually by the second or third year withing the government, all the groups who have not been satisfied manage to communicate their opposition to the most vulnerable or those who can be easily manipulated in the population by identifying themselves with them.

At that point you have the ideal environment for mass demonstration, protest, tire burning and eventually the "Rache Manyok" of the government.

The government must go at this point

Then the process starts all over again (a perpetual movement)

My friend, this is what happened to many, including Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Rene Preval and now happening to Michel Martelly

In the meantime, as a result, the exact objective of their protest: Economic development is taking a hit because Economic development does not take place in an unstable environment

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Raymond Lafontant Jr says...

One should have a good reading of the book "quand la nation demande des comptes".

Rache manioc is long Haitian tradition.

leaders, social and politics, should work to stop this circle, if not, development effect will be very

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Frideny says...

We better stop the Rache Manyok now, we have been though too many situations like that and the results have not been good.

The poor massive will pay the consequences.

I am sorry for them, sorry for my colleagues and my family.

we put our country where it is today, we are too

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