Police Chief, Godson Orélus, to explain himself before judge Lamarre Bélizaire

Haitian Police Chief Godson Orélus has been invited to appear in front of Judge Lamarre Bélizaire to explain why Former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide is not in prison yet. Judge Lamarre Belizaire had ordered his arrest several weeks ago.


The invitation is for this Thursday,

Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide is accused of corruption, money laundering and misappropriation of government funds when Aristide was in power. He is currently at his private residence in Tabarre but has been banned from leaving the country.

Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann...

Eske nou konnin ke bagay la vire sou Chef Police Godson Orélus? Judge Lamarre Bélizaire on ti jan vexe paske li ponko ouè Jan Bertrand Aristide minote de bwa deyè et nan prison. Alos li konvoke Chef Police Godson Orélus pou li mande li "de Ki Previen?

An tou ka, Jedi si Bon Dye vle, gran Ti Bonher, Chef Police Godson Orélus dwe vini ouè Jij Lamarre Bélizaire nan biro li.

Mwin panse, comm Jij la paka pran aristide. Mwin ta konseye-li pou li tou poze la pat sou Godson

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Claude Jean says...

Does anyone know how I can contact Mr. Orelus?

Eske yon moun konne ki jan mwen ka contakte Misye

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Gene Victor says...

How come the judge didn't asked the chief why former president jean Claude Duvalier wasn't arrested because the first warrant went to Duvalier not Aristide was that tells everybody they want Aristide, they will got him by any means that's what wrong about Haiti's politics or Haiti there's no

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Charles Rogers says...

Ti mesiye sispann bat nou, nou tout konnen Tipè a

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Jacky Jacques Louis says...

Godson orelus tou pou refi anver juge

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Subject: Police Chief, Godson Orelus, to explain himself before judge Lamarre Belizaire edit

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