Jean-Bertrand Aristide receives visitors despite judge's order requiring Pre-approval

A group of opposition leaders and Haitian senators will be visiting former President Jean Bertrand Aristide today (September 16, 2014) at his home in Tabarre. This would be in violation to the order from Judge Lamarre Belizaire who ordered the former President to remain in House arrest. Under the order, no one can visit Jean Bertrand Aristide unless they receive explicit approval from the Judge.


So today will be a determining day in Haiti. It will actually either reinforce the authorities of Judge Lamarre Belizaire or he will be considered as a joke.

Don't forget that the former President currently has no security. Since the house arrest was ordered, he was left with no police protection. Some supporters of Jean Bertrand Aristide said that they have been providing for his security since.

Pawol Pale, Pawol Komprann..

Mezanmi, kote nou ye?

Se pa mwen tande group nan opzisyon and ak kek Senatè aprale visite nom sxa yo bay pou Aristide la? Et byen si sa tal fet, Jij Lamarre Belizaire ta sou bloff.

Ki sa nou panse ki kapab rive group sa jodia ki decide ouè pa Ouè yo prale Tabarre

Et byen an nou gade paske "Gade Pa Boule Je"

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Subject: Jean-Bertrand Aristide receives visitors despite judge's order requiring Pre-approval edit

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