Jean Claude Duvalier could face up to five years in prison if convicted on corruption charges

A ruling on the charges on former Haitian Dictator Jean Claude Duvalier was finally delivered. Government prosecutor Carves Jean, the judge responsible for investigating the case decided that Jean Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier is to face trial for corruption during the 15-year he was in power in Haiti. Duvalier is alleged to have embezzled between $300 million and $800 million of assets during his presidency.


Not a bad job for 15 years of work!

It was very surprising that the judge didn't think it was necessary for Jean Claude Duvalier to face trial for human rights abused that took place on his watch. We are talking about things like murder, disappearance, torture and other rights abuses for which several people alleged to have been the victims. Several Human Rights groups want Jean Claude Duvalier and some high officials in his government to go on trial for crimes committed in that period.

Not a bad deal at all for the former Haitian Dictator!

It is estimated that for a crime such as corruption that Duvalier would go on trial for, the sentence is about five years. Let's do the Math, if he goes to prison now, by the age of 65 which is a normal age for retirement, the president could be a free man to enjoy his retirement with whatever left of that money.

What is the chances that Jean Claude Duvalier will ever see the inside of a prison?

Do you see Mr. Duvalier anytime soon to be involved in a trial for corruption in Haiti?

You have a president that has not even been convicted of any crime and other presidents already volunteered to pardon him.

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Mgotcha says...

Zie we bouch pe, im not soft mr Monel, and im not a cried baby, do you own a bible, read this Esaie

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Monel says...

Mgotcha, congratulation you got faith in Got, but at the same talking keep your dream for yourself if you think they have others people made more crimes than Duvalier "baby doc".I don't have problem with you if you support a worst criminal ever.
If I was in your place, I know a criminal like Jean claude, not only denounce or blablabla for nothing you have to drop a plaint against anybody who made more crimes than "baby doc. otherwise you're wasting the time for nothing.

Stop being " kapon, lach,ti kriye, "do something, don't ask what they gonna do for

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Mgotcha says...

Ive dreamed of Haiti once, that was in the 70s mid 80s beautiful country, im only 36 with good memory, ninpot sa yo vle fe a Jean Claude, map toujou sipote Jean Claude, gen kife plis krim pasel, e anplis se sel BONDYE kika chanje

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Bruno D. says...

My friend, no need to get upset.

I have only one question for you. If you are put in a position to select between Duvalier and Aristide in term of positive results, which one accomplished more for Haiti

I know many people accused Duvalier for Ton Ton Makout, Duvalier was also blaimed for dealing with the enemy harsly.

What alternative did he have. Duvalier took a Haiti that was devided.

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Monel says...

Mr. Bruno D.,only one thing I can tell you, Stop talking Shi't why the haitian justice system put Jean Claude Duvalier on trial for corruption and leave Jean Bertrand Aristide like a saint, Go to haiti to makea plaint against Aristide instead Blablabla for nothing.

Aristide is in Haiti now, what you're scared, who you're afraid not going down there put your plaint down.
Ou lach, ou pe bouda-ou, Mwen kap pale la mwen te pote plint kont kriminel yo rele Duvalier-ya.pou kisa ou menm ou pa pote plint kont aristid

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Dadou says...

From what I can see, Jean Claude has been caught for "Dwet Long Siperye"

He will go to jail for stilling from the Haitian people

They need to go after all his "akolit" as well

Yon ti payi chage Voler.

Bare Vole Bare

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Djojo says...

The judge's decision to send Jean Claude Duvalier in trial for only corruption is a piece of sh..t.

How can someone who killed and disappeared several thousands of his people and at the same time stole hundreds of millions be only tried for corruption?

The judiciary system of Haiti will never be independent.

Judge Carves simply does an homework that was dicted to him in the Duvalier case. That is Haiti since I was born. Nothing will change in this country.

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Moliere B. says...

Those in the Duvalier regime do notunderstand the concept that all Haitians have the same rights.

If they could, they would likely return with Dictator jean Claude Duvalier.

I truely believe that Haiti can not change as long as we have people who think there is no problem with killing, abusing others.

Duvalier needs to be put on trial, not because we want revanch.

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Dadou says...

I have one problem with the decision of the Judge.

Will Jean Claude be allowed to go to Zokiki?

Oh man, these clubs in Petionville are hot. The charme is young girls go to school fully dressed and aftershool are expected at Zokiki dancing only with underware.

This is modern stripping.

Not only you can consider Zikiki to be stripping, it is done with young meat.

President Jean Claude Duvalier knows about the fun in Zokiki and that is why he's in

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Bruno D. says...

How can the Haitian justice system put someone like jean Claude Duvalier to trial for corruption and leave Jean Bertrand Aristide to look like a Saint?


Jean Claude Duvalier was never poor. He grew up in money.

The family spent decades in power.

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