Re: Jean Claude Duvalier Could Face Up To Five Years In Prison If...

Moliere B. - January 31 2012, 7:10 AM

Those in the Duvalier regime do notunderstand the concept that all Haitians have the same rights.

If they could, they would likely return with Dictator jean Claude Duvalier.

I truely believe that Haiti can not change as long as we have people who think there is no problem with killing, abusing others.

Duvalier needs to be put on trial, not because we want revanch.

It is a principle, if we want a better society that believe in rights and rule of law, we can not "Kase Feuille Kouvis Sa" those who did the abuse must come in front of the public, specially to the families of those who were victims and admit they did wrong.

By doing that, it is an acknoledgement that they did wrong and a promess that they will not let things like that to take place in the future

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