Conseil Electoral Provisoire (CEP) announces Election Results

The Haitian population now only have two choices as the CEP announced the result of the 2010 Haiti election.


Coming first is Mirlande Manigat with 336,878 votes or 31.37 percent of the votes. Jude Celestin was second with 241,462 votes or 22.48 percent of the votes. Michel Martelly was third, with 234,617 votes or 21.84 percent of the votes. Jean Henri Ceant, with 87,834 votes or 8.18 percent of the votes. Jacques-Edouard Alexis came with 32,932 votes or 3.07 percent of the votes. Charles Henry Baker, 25,512 votes or 2.38 percent. Chavannes Jeunes had a total of 19,348 votes or 1.8 percent of the votes. All other candidates have less than one percent of the votes.

As a result of this election result, Mirlande Manigat and Jude Celestin will fight for the ultimate position, which is right to govern Haiti for the next 5 years.

There was a fear that if Jude Celestin was qualified to participate in the runoff election, there would be violence in the streets. Celestin has become increasingly unpopular due to his close association with the Haitian president Rene Preval. Mirlande Manigat, the 70 year old former First Lady, will now have a chance to prove to he nation that she in fact has the energy to run Haiti.

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Judith says...

I cannot believe rene preval would actually do this to his country, after what these people went through on January 12, the last thing haiti needs is another leader that don't care only see himself and the title.

It's a shame to see that our young one future might end up in the hands of that man. In experience and lack of there off. I hope that other countries that had step up to help will continue to so, and also do not let his government in charge of any

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Kok Kreyol says...

Jude Celestin wouldn't event be at the fourth place if the election wasn't a mess. They manage to Get him on second tour to beat Mme Manigat and become president.

There's no way celestin could have more vote than Martely.

Those people on the street actually mean what?

a very big part of the majority.

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