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Jean-Jacques Honorat, Haiti Prime Minister

Haiti's third Prime Minister, Jean-Jacques Honorat, came to the post after the 1991 coup which deposed President Jean-Bertrand Aristide and his appointed Prime Minister, René Préval. Honorat, born on April 1, 1931 in the nation's capital, succeeded to the post under the new, provisional President, Joseph Nérette, but, like many others on the list of 17 since 1988, Honorat's stint would be short-lived and terminated after military dissatisfaction. He'd spent eight months in office before being fired after failing to garner the lifting of international sanctions put on Haiti. He also served from October of 1991 to the end of the year as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Worship.

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Judge Joseph Nerette, Haiti Provisional President

Joseph Nerette was born on April 9th in the year 1924. He lived for 83 years and his life saw many ups and downs. He was popular Haitian judge and had a long political career which culminated as the President of Haiti.

Provisional President

Joseph Nérette was the 48th president of Haiti. While he served his term as the president of Haiti Jean-Jacques Honorat was the Prime Minister. He was a provisional president of Haiti as the actual power rested with the military.

The military was headed by Michel Francois and Raoul Cedras who were really powerful leaders. As the power rested with the military there were no major changes initiated by Joseph Nérette as a president of Haiti.

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