Joseph Lambert alleged plot on Deputies Levaillant Louis-Jeune and Sorel Jacinthe

Senior Presidential Advisor Joseph Lambert is being investigated for death threats against two members of Parliament, Deputies Sorel Jacinthe and Levaillant Louis-Jeune. The death threats occurred while Lambert served as President of the National Assembly. Jacinthe and Louis-Jeune alerted the human rights body, National Network for the Defense of Human Rights (NNDHR), and the agency began an investigation into the allegations.


NNDHR found evidence Lambert did indeed plot to end the lives of Sorel and Louis-Jeune, members of political parties, Espwa and INITE. NNDHR's findings prompted the deputies to file complaints with the Court of First Instance in Port-au-Prince on April 23rd.

Lambert's dismissive response is the charges are baseless. He also challenges the purpose of NNDHR, saying, "NNDHR is not a body of human rights. It is a political party." He described NNDHR Director Marie Yòlene Gilles as a political operative playing a partisan game.

In a twisted and warped line of reasoning, Lambert named Sorel Jacinthe as the criminal. He imagines others are out to get him because of his own criminal deeds. This proves--according to Lambert--Jacinthe is culpable and not him. Lambert does not take the charges filed against him seriously, but says he is prepared to defend himself--if he must--against allegations he has tried to endanger the two deputies' lives.

Government Commissioner Me Lucmane Delille, who conducted a hearing on the two related cases, has turned over the matter to the Cabinet of Instruction.

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Subject: Joseph Lambert alleged plot on Deputies Levaillant Louis-Jeune and Sorel Jacinthe edit

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