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Keyboardist Herve Casseus of Tropicana is dead

We learned with sadness the death of a long time member of the Orchestre Tropicana d'Haiti. Keyboardist Herve Casseus is no longer with us. He passed away on Monday December 16, 2013 in new york city

Yon lot membre nan fanmi tropicana-a alle. Herve Casseus se te yon moun de byen. li te jwe yon rol impotan nan Orkest la e pi li te pote plisyer chapo. Li te bon anpil nan Kibod-li. Apa de sa, Herve Casseus te konn kompose, fè arangman tou/ En bref, li te direktè nan mizik pou orkest la

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Arly Lariviere to be honored by County Commissioner Jean Monestime

Arly Lariviere is American- Haitian musician. He loved music since his hay days, but this passion for music came from his father and Tropicana D'Haiti. This passion developed greatly making him come up with Nu look group. He played the role of a conductor of Nu look group for 11 years. Lariviere was a talented musician who enjoyed Haitian music.

He has made an attempt to resign from Nu look group due to some circumstances, but this became impossible due to his love for his fans. His fans claimed to lose morale of Nu look group if he resigned, and his resignation would affect the members of Nu look and their dependants. Due to his value for his fans Arly Lariviere chose to remain the group for the time being.

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Ayenn Starks, Haitian musician raised in the US

Ayenn Starks is a musician born in New York in the US but by Haitian parents. He was raised in the US where he grew up to love and acquire an interest in the music industry. He also has a lot of interest in various instruments such as the piano and the keyboard where he has produced songs with these instruments and where he has clearly shown how much talent he has.

There a couple of songs he has done all about love where Ayenn Starks has shown how easy he can come up with something so captivating to the listeners and how easy he can combine the various different versions of Haitian music styles with those of the French to come up with something so wonderful and lovely. He is thus one exceptionally talented musician with a great future ahead.

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Alex Abellard, Haitian keyboard player guitar player

He is a Haitian by origin musician, keyboard player and a very talented guitar player. Alex Abellard was born in Haiti where he was raised up and grew to nurture his talent. He has over the years earned the reputation of being a great musician who has achieved much more than anyone would ever have thought. Among his many achievements he has been able to easily come up with a recording company where he is the sole owner and investor. He recruits young talented singers and artists and enables them to nurture and perfect their talent to the level of big professional artists popular all over the world.

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