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From once worst enemies, LAPEH now wants to join PHTK in government protest

Haiti is unique in many aspects. However, in the are of politic, no other countries can even come close. After years of fighting the Martelly government, now we are in the process of witnessing one of the most famous reunion. LAPEH is actually contemplating the possibility to join forces with PHTK to fight the government of Jocelerme Privert.

Jean Hector Anacacis who is the Coordinator of the Alternative League for Progress of Haiti (LAPEH) indicated that his party has the same concerns with PHTK as to the willingness for Jocelerme Privert to conduct elections. He also stated that LAPEH may have to get together with PHTK to exercise pressure on Privert to hold the second round of elections.

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Don't count on Jude Celestin without a Commission of Verification

The candidate of LAPEH, Jude Celestin, who was credited for stopping the election process recently by declaring that he was not going to participate in the election without the evaluation of a Commission of Verification has not changed his mind. last Friday he clearly indicated that he will not participate in the election until a credible Commission of Verification conducts the evaluation. According to Jean Hector Anacacis, the Coordinator of LAPEH, "the country wants to know what actually happened during the last elections in Haiti and without satisfying their demands, we can't ask them for their vote"

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Jude Celestin out of election, leaving Jovenel Moise to run against himself

There is something that people in Haiti often say: "Pwoblem Pap Fini nan peyi sa". It translates as "Problem will never end in this country". That could't be more true than now with what is going on with the presidential election. To demonstrate how we (Haitians) have the capacity to create KO, just 10 days before a scheduled presidential election, one candidate has decided to make it official that he will not be participating. In an interview at radio Kiskeya on January 14, Jude Celestin made it clear that he will not be one of the presidential candidates for the January 24 elections.

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