Laurent Lamothe said he has no plans to run for President of Haiti

It seems to me the only person who doesn't know that Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is going to run in the next election in Haiti is Laurent Lamothe himself.


While everyone else is working hard to make it difficult for the former Prime Minister to become a candidate. In an interview with The Tennessean, Lamothe once again stated that he has no plans to run for President of Haiti.

Former Prime Ministers Jean-Max Bellerive and Laurent Lamothe are currently seeking discharges. However, Haiti Audit Court released a report recently that is not favorable to these two. It cites serious irregularities in 2013-14 during their government.

So what is the real story? Is he going to run or not?

Do you think the opposition is afraid of his popularity?

So in that case why all the noises against his potential candidacy?


Laurent Lamothe di ke li pa gen okenn plan pou li kouri pou Prezidan an Ayiti

Li sanble k yon sèl moun ki pa konnen ke Ansyen Premye Minis Laurent Lamothe pral kouri nan eleksyon kap vini an an Ayiti se Laurent Lamothe li minm.

Pandan ke tout lòt moun ap travay pou fè li difisil pou ansyen Premye Minis la vin yon kandida. Nan yon entèvyou ak Tennessean a , Lamothe yon lòt fwa ankò deklare ke li pa gen okenn plan nan kouri pou Prezidan an Ayiti .

Ansyen Premye Minis Jean-Max Bellerive ak Laurent Lamothe kounye a ap chèche Dechaj . Sepandan , Ayiti Odit Tribinal pibliye yon rapò dènyèman ki pa favorab a de neg sa yo. Li site iregilarite grav nan 2013-14 pandan gouvènman yo.

Èske li prale nan eleksyon oswa non?

Ou panse opozisyon an pè nan popilarite l '?

Nan ka sa a poukisa tout bri sa yo kont kandidati potansyèl li?

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Alond Jean Pierre Esq says...

I strongly believe that the former prime minister is the only one at "THIS TIME"who has what it takes to continue to take Haiti to the next level, because he is very well equipped with most of what he needs to succeed as the next president.All the other candidates are at level 4 while Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is at level 200 with all the qualifications

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Rosanne Jerome says...

I support the candidacy of Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe for President.

The reason is simple.

Out of all those so far that i know will be running, none of them come even close to meet the qualification of Laurent Lamothe.

So far, he is the only one who can actually take Haiti forward.

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Serge Lafontan says...

Most of the candidates have reasons to be panicking at a potential candidacy of Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe and there are several reasons for that. One, He has accomplished more during his time as Prime Minister than all of the previous Prime Ministers combined.

Two, He has in international reputation and know people.

With his contact, he will be even more successful as a President.

Three, Due to his contacts and his personal wealth, he will not have any problem financing his campaign.

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