From Josue Pierre-Louis to Emmanuel Menard - Gouvènman An kenbe kontwòl CTCEP

Another representative of the Executive government has taken control. The 9 members of the College Transitional of Permanent Electoral Council (CTCEP), have elected the various members to fulfill the various positions. Emmanuel Ménard, the representative of the Executive branch of government was elected president.


Here is the actual structure with their new positions:
Composition of the Bureau of CTCEP :
Emmanuel Ménard, Chair (Executive Branch)
Mary Clunie Dumay Miracles, Vice - President (Legislative Power)
Marie Carole Duclervil Floréal, General Secretary (Judicial Power)
Pierre Simon Georges, Treasurer (Legislative Power)
Applyx Felix, Advisor (Judicial Power)
Chantal Raymond, Advisor (Executive Power)
Léopold Berlanger, Advisor (Judicial Power)
Margareth Giraud St-Louis, Advisor (Executive Power)
Joseph Néhémy, Advisor (Legislative Power)

I have a Panic attack.

I don't know about you but I feel that the Government is either lucky, influencial or is working to get control of the CTCEP at any cost.

So far I hear various comments, with people justifying the reasons why the results of the CTCEP election ended up the way they did

Who want to get control over the CTCEP?

Can the President of the CTCEP have total control over the entire body?

Will there be conflicts inside of this CTCEP?

If they have conflicts, how will it be resolved?

Hi Manman!

Soti nan Josue Pierre-Louis Vini Nan Emmanuel Menard - Gouvènman Kenbe kontwòl CTCEP

Yon lòt reprezantan gouvènman Egzekitif La pran kontwòl. Nef Manm CTCEP te eli manm nan divès kalite. Emmanuel Ménard ki reprezantan branch Egzekitif lan ili prezidan.

Mwen gen yon atak panik apre moin fini tande sa.

Mwen pa konnen pou ou, men mwen santi ke Gouvènman an se swa li gin chans, li infliense oswa ap travay pou ka gin kontwòl sou CTCEP a a nenpòt pri.

Se konsa, lwen mwen tande divès kòmantè, ak moun ki jistifye rezon pou rezilta yo mwen mande:
Ki moun ki vle jwenn kontwòl sou CTCEP a?

Èske Prezidan CTCEP la pwol gen total kontwòl sou kò a tout antye?

Èske pral genyen konfli andedan CTCEP sa?

Si yo gen konfli, ki jan yo ape rezoud li?

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Jacquelin Saintil says...

It is about time we stop criticising our leaders before we have proof.

This government for the first time is trying to create something that has never been done before, facilitating the condition to hold a fair and free election in Haiti.

No matter who you are, we have one country, Haiti.

I hope the nine members make us all pride of them. They have for the first time an opportunity to do things right.

Let's hope they

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Micheline Rose says...

Everyone has a price.

I see nine people who have the opportunity to make some good money with these positions.

My friends, remember that ninty nine percent of people in Haiti has a price.

There are only few people that you can not buy and I wan to inform you none of them are currently involved in Haitian politic.

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Jerome Flerimon says...

I think history will prove that the government of Michel Martelly will be one of the most corrupt in the history of Haiti.

What is currently going on with Martelly making sure that he put the right people at key level of the electoral machine to guarentee his win is just the beginning.

Haiti will be going through a period of turbulence with the next

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Lulien Sauveur says...

Mogouy, magouy, magouy.

Mezanmy pa gin lagen pou pitiit payi a mange min govenmen a ap distribie lagan pou yo aire ke yap rete nan pouvwa.

Chante Emeline Michel te di li bien. Vole fin pran

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