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First Community Fest, a day-long festival in Little Haiti - September 27, 2014

Expect to see downtown Little Haiti in Miami packed this Saturday, September 27 with Haitian music bands and other local recording artists who will perform. This is to start something new in the area. It will be the First Community Fest, a day-long festival in Little Haiti

Experience Little Haiti in Miami:

We will have T-Vice, Zenglen, Gabel, B2s de Ti Harold, Rara Lakay, DJ Jis Music, DJ PAZ and Touche Dous.

The event producers are determined to bring awareness to the Little Haiti Cultural Center as well as the Caribbean Marketplace. The massive Caribbean Marketplace is a colorful gingerbread-style building modeled after the "mache fe" or the Iron Market in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

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Little Haiti Community Garden to be demolished for new parking lot

A plan to help residents in Little Haiti to improve their lives has to go back to the drawing board. Little Haiti garden as established in 2012 to provide to low income local families with fresh vegetables and also to educate residents and kids about sustainable food. The garden is scheduled to be demolished soon to give way to a parking lot

Welcome to Little Haiti Business Directory:

The Little Haiti Community Garden covers close to three acres. It was supposed to provide to ab out 200 families with 70-square-foot plots for family gardening.

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NBA Sponsors New Play and Learn Center in Little Haiti

The National Basketball Association (NBA) and its affiliate, South Florida's Miami Heat, have launched a kids' recreation center, devoted to technology and academics. Called the NBA Cares Learn and Play Center (LPC), it is housed in Little Haiti Cultural Complex. The rec center project falls within the NBA Cares program, committed to offering youngsters a welcoming environment where they can play and learn what their interests in life are. NBA big-wigs, past and present players, cheerleaders, and students came out for the grand opening ceremonies.

The play center in Little Haiti is a state-of-the-art space, devoted to technology, academics, and entertainment. It will be equipped with the latest technology: big-screen TVs, laptops, printers, and tablets. A reading corner will be available, with an inventory of books and a slew of children's games. The NBA has partnered with State Farm and Samsung to remodel the play space. To the kids' amazement the space is done up in a Miami Heat theme.

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David Beckham with Little Haiti football club, pushing for soccer team in Miami

Little Haiti Football Club was this weekend visited by David Beckham, who is a world renowned British soccer star. The little kids in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood were not expecting this visit. However, it has been a great morale boost for these Haitian kids who play soccer and have big dreams of becoming professional players the US Major League Soccer (MLS).

Beckham was accompanied by various aides in his visit in Little Haiti where they practiced with the kids. The little kids were surprised and the play had to stop at once when the kids realised that a 'visitor' was on the pitch playing with them.One of the kids contended that it was a dream come true for him, after realising that Beckham was on the field playing with them.

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Miami police to use high-tech cameras to fight crime in little Haiti

Crime in little Haiti in Miami has been reported to have increased. In this regard, Miami police are planning to install around 400 cameras in the city to reduce the rate of crime. These cameras will be able to zoom from long distance, something that will boost security surveillance. The police aim to apply this technology and make sure that they are able to follow people as they enjoy events in such areas as Biscayne Boulevard, Brickell,Overtown, Model City and in Little Haiti.

This complicated plan by the city police is expected to allow them to be able to watch about 200 closed-circuit television screens at once from a new high-tech command centre. In this program, there will be 25 high-definition, 55-inch television sets which will be fed by up to 400 cameras placed around the town, including Little Haiti.

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Black Immigration Network Kinship Assembly In Miami's Little Haiti

A national organization that focuses on black immigration to the US, which has been in existence for 5 years, will conduct a three-day seminar in Little Haiti, Miami. The seminar's theme will be Black Immigration Network Kinship Assembly: A Gathering for Action.

During the conference, participants will also delve into racial justice, in addition to calling on the black immigrant diaspora to seek unity if it is to advance economically. Black Immigration Network will be the main hosts but will be assisted by various other groups.

The conference will run for three days, starting from May 23 to May 25. It will run during the same month when commemoration of the Haitian Heritage Month will be ending. More than 150 community leaders will take part in the conference.

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Little Haiti Boy(14) committed suicide after killing older brother(16) over clothes

I guess that young children do not resolve conflicts the way they use to. I just remember when I was a young boy, I would fight with my sibling and my friends with my bear hands. Some time I would be the victime; but a lot of time, ending up with bloody noze, etc. and in e few days, we will be friends all over again. I woud never once think about usig knive or even worst a gun to destroy the other person's life.

I think kids now are more pragmatic. If there is a problem, why not solve it for ever? The same way they spend lots of time killing the opponents in video games they play frequently.

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New Notre Dame d'Haiti Church in Little Haiti

For almost eight years, fundraising has been done for the building of the church of the new Notre Dame d'Haiti. The church, found on NE 62nd Street, was co-founded by Archbishop Thomas Wenski in 1981. Then, the old building was unable to hold a congregation that was growing with passing years. Thirty-five years ago, Archbishop Wenski dreamt of building this church which finally came into being after an expenditure of $5 Million. $3.2 million was donated by enthusiastic Haitian parishioners and members of the community and a $1.5 million loan was also provided by Archdiocese of Miami. The church can seat just under 1,400 worshippers.

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Dedication Mass For Notre Dame d'Haiti Church

It was the little church that could. And while it took many years to complete the church to the vision of the man who first had the dream, the Notre Dame D'Haiti, is an example of what determination and faith can accomplish.

The day the church opened its brand new doors for its first service of Mass, the crowd was immense. They watched as the man who started it all, Archbishop Thomas Wenski, handed over the keys to the current priest of Notre Dame D'Haiti, offering up a prayer while the crowd clapped.

The new building took eight years of fundraising to accomplish, with $1.5 million dollars being donated by the Archdiocese of Miami through a loan to be repaid by donors and the church's congregation. The congregation, expected to fill all 1,200 seats within the church and 166 within the chapel, will be double what it used to be as the new facility is twice the size of the old church--a converted cafeteria.

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Best Haitian Fried Chicken in Little Haiti, Pack Super Market

With a thick air of mystery surrounding all aspects of the production of their finger-licking good fried chicken legs, Pack Super Market has found a sure winner they can sell on the 'cheep'.

16 years ago, Kernizan Philias' family opened the market which supplies food items in bulk in an establishment that resembles no fine eatery you've ever seen. Still, despite the less-than Michelin ready environ, the over-the-counter treat they provide for only $7 gets as much attention as would warrant a formal write-up.

Basing it on the popular Haitian fried pork shoulder recipe, griot, the family tried the recipe themselves before offering it up to customers. After deciding it was a 'flavorable' take on an old classic, the decision was made to use only chicken drumsticks as a way to keep costs down. As they explained, even wings would have been too expensive for the production, which would have pushed the cost up for the consumer. Today, for that measly $7 price-tag, patrons are able to receive a Styrofoam container of three to four drumsticks, fried plantains and a cascading pile of steaming rice and peas.

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