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Little Haiti Name Change Controversial

Brouhaha is brewing over whether to formalize the district known as Little Haiti in Miami. The boundaries of Little Haiti are generally recognized as the area extending from 38th Street to 79th Street, bounded by Interstate 95 and the Florida Railway.

Little Haiti is comprised of the neighborhoods of Lemon City, Little River, and Buena Vista. By officially designating Little Haiti as a district would obliterate the colorful names of the neighborhoods, subsumed under the official name of Little Haiti. New immigrants to Little Haiti area are pushing for the formalization of Little Haiti. Long-time residents of the area say it's unnecessary.

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Little Haiti, Nou Pap Negocye Ou

Little Haiti in Miami has represented a point of reference for the Haitian community in Miami. I would say even the entire United States of America.

When there is trouble in Haiti, where do you think the media come to find more information? "Little Haiti"

When political candidates, elected officials, social activists want to show their support to the Haitian community, where do you think they come? "Little Haiti"

More importantly, when you want to have a good "Haitian Grio" with "Pikliz", where do you think you should go? "Little Haiti"

For all the above mentioned reasons and many more, we should not lose "Little Haiti" in Miami

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New Little Haiti Optimist Club Community Tech and Youth Center at Soar Park

The nonprofit organization, Little Haiti Optimist Club, had a ribbon-cutting early in September to open up their new Community Tech and Youth Center in Soar Park, Miami. With this new space, a remodel of the park building already in existence, the organization hopes to gives residents, young and old, access to classes and training that will edify and recreational activities that will help to unify.

The Optimist Club, which comprises members from local businesses, civic leaders and the community intends for the site to give tutoring, help with homework, and classes in Film, Business Entrepreneurship and Robotics. Their program for recreational activities include soccer, yoga, basketball, self-defense and a garden program for the community.

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Emeline Michel, Koralen, Jean-Claude Martineau and Edwidge Danticat at Big Night in Little Haiti

Emeline Michel, songwriter born and bred in Haiti, has always flaunted her Haitian roots and she says that the rhythm and lyrics of her 10 albums are all inspired by Haiti and its culture. She says that there is no other element present in her work and it is 100% pure just like Tropicana - a humorous comparison! The poetry-music blend of Emeline Michel at Big Night in Little Haiti is about giving international audience an experience of the Haitian culture without the need to visiting Haiti physically.

For 20 years, Emeline Michel - the vocalist and songwriter, has travelled intensively to help Haitian music spirit penetrate the hearts and souls of global audience. On April 19, she performed at monthly shindig of Little Haiti. This performance was the result of a partnership with O, Miami Poetry Festival.

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Viter Juste, AKA Pere Juste, the Father of Little Haiti in Miami died at the age of 87

Considered the father of Miami Little Haiti area, Viter Juste, AKA Pere Juste is widely known for establish the name "Little Haiti. Viter Juste was a visionary and a pioneer. Many people would tell you that this man deserves much of the credit for helping South Florida's Haitian community become the thriving group it is today.

Viter Juste wanted Haitians in South Florida to build a vibrant community. According to family, Juste wrote an article to The Miami Herald and named it 'Little Port-au-Prince.' However, the Miami Herald edited the title, calling it instead 'Little Haiti.

Over the past several decades, Viter Juste was very happy to see watch the positive transition of the Haitian community in Miami, moving from Haitian immigrant boat people to become a force politically and economically in South Florida

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Haitian Carnival in Little Haiti - With reopening of the Caribbean Market Place

February 18, 2012 will be a day like no other on the streets of Little Haiti. On this historic day more than a thousand Haitians are expected to show up on the streets to make merry, to dine and wine, to dance to soul soothing music, but most importantly to make the world believe that the fading tourism industry in the Caribbean country can be revamped. For the first time Haitians living in Miami will hold their own celebration in Little Haiti, also known as the Lemon City.

The event organized by the office of Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones with the support of a number of sponsors will announce the reopening of the Caribbean Market Place in Little Haiti, which has not seen the light of day since 1997. It will be preceded by an event dubbed Big Night in Little Haiti to be held on 17th February at the Little Haiti cultural centre.

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Emmanuel Sanon Soccer Park in Little Haiti

The City of Miami named the $37 million dollars soccer park after Emmanuel Sanon

The idea for a Soccer Park in Little Haiti was an ambition from the late Miami Commissioner Arthur E. Teele who understands that soccer is the national sport of Haiti and very popular among the Haitian Diaspora living in South Florida.

The park offers a a green field, wide open spaces for the youth in the community to exercise and play their favorite sport. Emmanuel Sanon Soccer Park in Little Haiti also offers a playground for children in the neighborhood to run freely in nearly nine acres of grass covered field. This park represents one of the few real place for relaxation in Little haiti in Miami.

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The Haitian Community meets U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden at the White House

The U.S. Vice-President met representatives of the Haitian community at the White House In January 2011 to discuss progress in the earthquake and other issues. Vice President Biden took this opportunity to reassure the Haitian community the Obama Government's commitment to the reconstruction of Haiti after the devastating earthquake.

Joe Biden is not new to the Haitian community. In April of 2010, In a gesture of support to the Haitian community who were affected by the earthquake, he paid a visit to Little Haiti in Miami. Vice-President Joe Biden came to Little Haiti Cultural Center and met with several Haitian-American activists and elected officials. He greeted Rev. Reginald Jean-Mary, Farah Juste and many others.

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Charles Henri Baker met Little Haiti in a Town Hall Meeting

Charles Henri Baker in a Town hall meeting in Little haiti

This is a first, a far as I can remember for Charles Henri Baker. A Town Hall meeting by Charles Henri Baker at the Cultural Center in Little Haiti revealed to be a success. The event happened last Saturday.

Does that mean that all the other candidates running for the Presidency of Haiti will follow do the same?

Once again the power of the Haitian Diaspora is on display. The importance given by Mr. Charles Henri Baker to the Haitian community living in Little Haiti demonstrates that Haitians are an integral part of Haiti, whether they are living inside or outside of the country. We need to find a way for these politicians not to give us importance only during the campaign season but also when in power.

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