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Role, Term of Haitian Presidents from Haiti Independence to 2013

The Haitian government is led by a president, who shares his/her executive power with the prime minister. Once elected by popular vote, the president will run the country for five years. After the term, the president could not run in the next election. He/she has to wait for five years in order to seek a second term. Haiti presidents can only serve for a maximum of two terms.

Not everyone can run for president as there are certain qualifications and requirements to be eligible for the seat. Only candidates with Haitian citizenship by birth can run for the position, as well as those who are at least 35 years of age. Jail sentence, loss of civil rights and lack of property ownership and residency can make a candidate ineligible to assume the position.

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Les Cayes A Beautiful Town In Haiti

Les Cayes is a beautiful town located in southwest Haiti. It is the capital of the Sud Department and is situated on the Caribbean coast near the Ravine du Sud River. It is located southwest of Port-au-Prince, the capital of Haiti, at a distance of 196 km. It has six communes including Torbeck, Les Cayes, Maincihe, Camp-Perrin, Île à Vache and Chantal.

History Of Les Cayes

Since the other cays and small Île à Vache island are located near by, the town was given the name Aux Cayes, which means 'On the Cays'. Even now the old name is kept, besides the new name Les Cayes.

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President Lysius Salomon's Corrupt and Bloody Rule

Lysius Salomon was Haiti's 15th president, beginning his first term in 1879. Born to a black-elite wealthy family, he fought with them against the more politically dominant mulatto elite. The Salomons, after a heightened conflict with the elite, fled Haiti.

When Faustin Soulouque assumed the presidency, Lysius returned to become his Finance Minister. He began engaging in corruption practices, permitting contraband, extortion, and marauding of trade commerce. When Soulouque's reign crumbled, Lysius fled to Europe.

In 1879, by popular demand, Lysius re-entered Haiti to run for the presidency. He won by a landslide. His ambitious agenda included reinstituting public education, restoring solvency to government finances, and cleaning up waste and fraud in government departments. He paid particular attention to the Haitian National Army, strengthening the infantry and artillery divisions. This proved necessary due to impending coups from Haitian political exiles in Jamaica and Cuba.

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