Vle Pa Vle, Fo Lale, an Ongoing Theme in Haitian Protest

Have you ever noticed that more than 90 percent of protests and manifestations in Haiti is about one thing, the complete removal of the current government. What you often hear during Haitian protests are "Vle Vle, Fo Lale" or "Rache Manyok-ou Bay Ter-a Blanch". This has been the history in Haiti.


Have they been successful with Vle Pa Vle, Fo Lale?
Very much so. So far, I have witnessed many of their wishes to be met. They have been able to get ride of some people in position of power. One thing I have not seen however is an improvement on the lives of the people who put so much efforts in forcing these changes. They burn tires, break car windows,

So my next question is: Then what?
What happened after Vle Pa Vle, Fo Lale? Some would say that the reason is simple: They know what they don't want but unfortunately, they don't know what they want. You need to know what you want in order to get it.

Now I understand why these protests and manifestations have been about "Vle Pa Vle, Fo Lale". Simple, that is all the opposition wants. It's all about I want your position and I will do everything in my power to get it.

"Wete Pye-ou, Banm Mete Pam"

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Shime Leroy says...

most of the people who manifeste they dont'have job manifeste is their job le depute alredy cash 3 yerars checks if he get fire noproblem can people manifeste in u.s.a where else people can manifeste evereday only island people can do that they live with family they dont'have rent assurance nothing and they wait on people who work something 2 jobs to send

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Neg Miserne says...

My protest of vle pa vle is vle pa vle fo ARISTIDE to go jail and his ignorant followers vle pa vle will be put in their place.

We have enough of those thugs, vagabons, kidnappers, drug dealers.


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