Change of guard at Haiti National Police, Godson Orelus to replace Mario Andresol

The long awaited change at the National Police of Haiti has been made. Mario Andrésol has been replaced by Godson Orelius as the new Director General of the National Police. Hold on, this is until the approval of the Senate. This is no longer a rumor and this nomination confirmed that there was a conflict between Martelly Government and Mario Andrésol being the Director General of the National Police.


Nou Fe Sa Nou Vle Nan Ti Payi Sa !

What do we know about Godson Orelius?

Orélus became the Central Director of the Judicial Police in June of 2011. He was the principal player in the arrest of Deputy Arnel Belizaire of Delmas. The nominated Director General of the National Police, Godson Orelius, was the officer in charge of the arrest at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport.

What legacy will Mario Andrésol leave for being the Director General of the National Police for 6 years?

Don't forget Mario: "Ravet pa janm gen rezon devan poul"

Andrésol became the head of the PNH in 2006. His term is to be expired on August 18, 2012. The Director General of the National Police of Haiti (PNH) Mario Andresol was under strong pressure from the Presidency to send his resignation.

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Juan Bernado says...

Mario my freind it's time for you to move on, I was an Army Officer of Haitian Army now I lived in United States for 18 years, I want to congratulated you for Courage and your Determination for the Perfect job you did to keep the Haitian Police Forces cleaned cause they was corrupted by the drug dealer, and killing, rape,torturing and kidnaping for ranson.

You did absolutely a perfect job.
But my freind life always like that, what can you expected I wish you goodluck you don't need to regret.

God Bless you,
God Bless Haiti, and the honest police

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Demosthenes says...

Yes, I agree that Mr. Andresol did a "pretty good job".

Was he given that position to do a "pretty good job" or to bring about some affective changes in the National Police force?

In the years that he was in power he could have done a lot more. We haitians need to stop settling for "pretty good" and start holding our elected officials accountable for their responsibilities.

Once they do that it will make it easier for someone to affectively fulfill their respected roles.

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Mona Cassagnol says...

I don't have any problem with what you said. The only thing I want to say is that Mr. mario Andresol did overall a pretty good job considering the conditions he took the National Police force in. You can not for one person to clean the force in just a few short

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Demosthenes says...

Change of Guard?

Were we as Haitian citizens being guarded?

if so, then by whom?

We live in a country where everyone does as they please; especially those who have money and are in power.

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Raphael T. says...

A job well done Mario Andresol.

Considering what you had to put up with: a small force, not equiped properly and considering all the gangs that were at one point the government of Haiti.

The National Police has done a very good job under your

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Mona Cassagnol says...

Martelly will now be able to bring his gangs at the National Police.

Mario Andresol did a very good job as the Director of the National Police.

He fought the Aristide and Preval gangs.

He had to deal with drug

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