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The entire debate between Martelly and Manigat - Live in Video

With just 10 days left before the big day, March 20, or the 2011 Final Haiti election, Mirlande Manigat and Michel Martelly confronted each other in a live debate.

As always, you can expect for the "Haitian Joudalist" to find the event and bring it live to you. Our job is to bring you the information, you make your own conclusion.

We were able to find the debate between Manigat and Martelly live in video and want to bring it to you so that you can be educated on each candidate.

The fight between the Musician Sweet Micky and the professor Mirlande Manigat is here. It is distributed in ten separate video.

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Michel Martelly is getting closer and closer to become the next President of Haiti

Just 10 days before the Presidential run-off election in Haiti, Michel Martelly is leading in the poll. A poll conducted by a private Haitian research group found that Michel Martelly is ahead of Mirlande Manigat by more than 4 points. According to the pollster, a survey conducted between March 3 and March 6 to 6000 Haitians found that 50.8 percent supports Michel Martelly, compared to 46.2 percent who said that they will vote for Mirlande Manigat.

Another important point to notice is that Haitian men tend to stay with Martelly and Haitian women favor Manigat.

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Haitian Presidential Candidate Michel Martelly aka Sweet Micky will have "Mars Ici"

Michel Martelly will meet the Haitian community in Miami on Wednesday, March 2 to present his message to the Haitian Diaspora and encourage support. At 1:00pm, he will be at Little Haiti Cultural Center located at 212 NE 59ty Terrace. Later that day, he will be in North Miami.

Michel Martelly is currently leading in the polls for the run-off election with Mirlande Manigat that will take place on March 20.

I remember that the former Haitian musician said in the past that "He will have "Mars Ici".

So far the candidate has been able to keep his promise. On March 2nd he is here. Isn't that a good sign that he will continue to keep his promise if elected?

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A taste of how the campaign of Michel Martelly will look like - Wyclef Jean & Pras - Watch Video

Here is a video Michel Martelly at SOBs Night Club recently. The Haitian presidential candidate Michel Martelly was accompanied by some of the most popular names in the music industry such as Wyclef Jean, Pras from Fugees.

This video was recorded on February 11, 2011 during a CaRiMi live performance. One thing that was evident is that Michel Martelly does know how to rally a crowd.

Please bear with us as you are watching the video. At the beginning, it was not clear because the video was taped from a member of the audience. However, the video tells the story. It gave us a hint on how Sweet Micky intends to run his campaign to become president of Haiti.

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