A taste of how the campaign of Michel Martelly will look like - Wyclef Jean & Pras - Watch Video

Here is a video Michel Martelly at SOBs Night Club recently. The Haitian presidential candidate Michel Martelly was accompanied by some of the most popular names in the music industry such as Wyclef Jean, Pras from Fugees.


This video was recorded on February 11, 2011 during a CaRiMi live performance. One thing that was evident is that Michel Martelly does know how to rally a crowd.

Please bear with us as you are watching the video. At the beginning, it was not clear because the video was taped from a member of the audience. However, the video tells the story. It gave us a hint on how Sweet Micky intends to run his campaign to become president of Haiti.

It seems to me that Michel Martelly already has the skill to entertain a crowd. How does Madame Manigat challenge that?

Watch the video here:

This makes me think for a moment:

Can Mirlande Manigat rally as many people as Michel Martelly?

Who do you think can bring out more people in the run-off election: Mirlande or Martelly?

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Roger Lerebours says...

Mr Michel Martelly understands that the present haitian educational system must be revised and modified so the students can better be prepared to deal with a rapidly changing world.

Throughout his campaign he never ceased to advocate for compassion and understanding for the suffering of our fellow haitians and his popularity on the political scene is the direct rusult of his courage and his straightforwardness.

Mr Martelly emphasis on technology in his campaign is a prelude for days to come. I wish him

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Ricclavie says...

Michel Martelly is a Haitian before he became a famous musician.

He has the right to participate in any Haiti events, such as: Politics, Religions, Cultures, etc...

We need to respect people's choice and join together to change our country.

What do we need to accomplish this task?

Unity, Education, Compromise.

Mr. future President, I would like to say a few words to you. Stop the music, Begin to work as the 1st

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Come On People says...

I don't get it! Martelly sure can brings the people but can he really bring what we really need! People wake up! We have try the ptit pere Aristide, militaire, Doctor and still never works! Now we are thinking of bringing a musician to make thing happens! The guy is an entertainer not a politician! Stop crossing popularity with running a country.

Grow up mes Freres

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Rilax P. says...

Sweet Mickey for president.

Support all the

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Vanel says...

I think Ms Manigat will not be able to compete with Sweet Micky.

Ms. Manigat is an old lady. Get ready for our future president Sweet

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Lima Ii says...

Que c'est beau la democratie, personnellement,je pense que Mirlande ou Martelly c'est bien dommage pour Haiti d'en arriver la.Je ne pense pas que ni l'un ni l'autre aura vraiment la chance de faire poindre a l'horizon d'Haiti l'aube d'un jour meilleur en depit du fait que la bonne volonte serait manifeste.Mme Manigat s'est entouree de pliticiens verreux, des hommes qui ce sont enrichis de facons douteuses et qui ne veulent qu'augmenter leurs profits, certains etant dans le colimateur de la DEA, feront n'importe quoi pour etre tjrs dans la matrice du pouvoir et de l'autre cote la situation n'est pas meilleure le passe douteux de Martelly va le rattraper ses conivences durant le coup d'etat avec le redoutable colonel Michel Francois en dit long, la bourgeoisie salope haitienne se range deja yeux fermes derriere Micky.Pour etre franc il faut souligner que c'est l'ehec des politiciens traditionnels partisants du statu quo qui sont responsables de la percee instantanee politicienne de Michel Martelly, ainsi que l'absence de leadership serieux capable de mener a bon port la barque

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