National Education Fund (FNE)

Upon his election in April 2011, Martelly vowed to provide free education to Haitians. He went on with this plan by launching the National Education Fund (FNE), which was supposed to be funded by taxes collected from international calls and money transfers. Even though the constitution denies the president the power to levy taxes, the government pushed through with Martelly's plan.


The program sounded promising but six months after its implementation, concerns started to arise, with people asking where the fund is being used. Martelly himself said he didn't know the exact amount the plan has collected so far and pointed journalists to CONATEL, which is the one managing the fund. CONATEL then revealed that only Digicel and COMCEL were included in their accounts. No one can say how much the fund is. Some said it's $28 million, while others insisted that it's only $2 million.

Education officials have complained that teachers have yet to receive their salaries, while schools couldn't even print students' report cards due to the lack of budget. Contrary to the government's plan, thousands of students are able to go to school not because of the National Education Fund but because of other international organizations such as the Clinton Foundation and the World Bank.

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