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Michel Martelly and Laurent Lamothe, the betrayal

I saw this quote one day and I want to share it with you: "Those who don't know the value of loyalty, can never appreciate the cost of betrayal". I think this is probably what former Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe is feeling at this time. Having been in so many struggle with Michel Martelly, now that he wants his help, he could not get it.

According to president Michel Martelly, betrayal is out of the question when it comes to his relationship with Former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. " I don't have any problem with Laurent lamothe" said Martelly in the interview given to Le Nouvelliste. "I could never think that Lamothe woud think that I betrayed him. I think that the people around Lamothe who want power could make him think that I betrayed him.

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Martelly to Lamothe, you could not be my candidate

It is either too hard to believe, coming from a good friend or it seems like a joke, but I don't think that Laurent Lamothe believed his good friend and former business partner Michel Martelly when he told him that he would not support him if he wants to run for president.

President Michel Martelly came out of his silence to make some interesting statements. His most important one had to do with his best friend Laurent lamothe and his wife, Sophia Martelly. In an interview given to newspaper Le Nouvelliste, President Martelly stated that it is not a secret that he doesn't support the candidacy of Laurent lamothe or Sophia martelly.

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Haiti and Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement

The Martelly-Lamothe administration of Haiti have recently been meeting and trying to collaborate with other countries, especially with its neighbors for mutual economic development and international cooperation. In addition, Haiti has been participating and joining in different international organizations such as the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) where the country is an active full member.

To expand Haiti's international relations, the government has been in negotiation with the Dominican Republic for a Free Trade Agreement. This aims to promote regional development through open trade of goods and services between the two nations. With the DR's newly-elected President Danilo Medina, it appears that this agreement is a great probability.

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Simon Dieuseul Desras meeting Cheryl Mills on Organization of Elections

Election time is one of the most important affairs for every political body or institution. In Haiti, the Martelly-Lamothe administration is facing a big problem in terms of electing a new set of officials for its legislature. The country's elections were supposed to be held in November 2011, but due to the worsening rift between members of the Senate, it has yet to happen. This has resulted to the legislature short as nearly a third of the senate left with no newly-elected senators to take their places.

In early July, Haitian President Michel Martelly has given the parliament eight days to choose three officials for the Permanent Electoral Council (CEP) in hopes that the elections will be able to push through before the end of 2012. But after these eight days, the legislature has given no response to the President's request.

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Jerry Tardieu, President of the Council of Economic and Social Development (Finance)

Newly-appointed Prime Minster Laurent Lamothe has been continuing to find ways in providing Haiti and its citizens, as well as its foreign allies, with a more balanced and developed economy, political body, and society. But these efforts seem to lack something in order to provide positive long-term effects in the near future. This is because of the difficulty in harmonizing the different sectors to help the Martelly-Lamothe government's goal.

To solve the differences of the essentials sectors in Haiti, mostly that of the public and the private, Prime Minister Lamothe launched the Council of Economic and Social Development in the 9th of July, 2012. The council is the new "strategy" of the government that will focus on simplifying and assisting the introduction of investments and initiatives, most especially from the private sector, to Haiti and on the government's future plans and projects. Mr. Jerry Tardieu, the CEO of the Royal Oasis Hotel, was assigned by the Prime Minister as the President of the said body while Louis Naud Pierre was given the General Coordinator position.

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